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Nonprofit Finance Study: Managing Growth

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Complexities and Challenges of Nonprofit Growth


Growth can mean different things to different organizations, and managing growth in a responsible way is essential – regardless of the shape, size, or flavor of that growth. Too little growth can cause an organization to stagnate; too much can overwhelm an organization and cause detrimental effects, such as delays in delivering on the mission.

In this study, we cover topics related to growth in the nonprofit sector, including:

  • Dynamics and challenges of growth
  • The role of funding for growth, including nonprofits’ strategic approaches to growth
  • Growth and how it impacts compliance, fraud, and risk management
  • Growth, relationships, and office culture, including the differences between Millennials and other generations

Plus, you’ll get specific tips to help you get the most out of the study’s data and prepare your organization for successful growth.

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