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Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Study

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Trends and Challenges Facing Nonprofit Finance Professionals

While much attention is given to nonprofit fundraising efforts and donations, there’s little discussion around the massive behind-the-scenes effort of nonprofit accounting for all those billions of dollars in raised funds. Taking a look at nonprofit fundraising through a fund accounting lens gives clearer focus to the tremendous complexities facing finance/accounting professionals working for nonprofits.

In the Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Study we asked questions of more than 350 nonprofit finance/accounting professionals at organizations to uncover and understand:

  • Day-to-day challenges facing nonprofit finance professionals
  • Emerging trends in nonprofit fund accounting
  • Nonprofit organization and finance department trends
  • What role cloud-based accounting technology plays for nonprofit finance professionals
  • How trends and challenges differ, depending upon a nonprofit organization’s size and respondent’s age

Download the full Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Study to find out what we learned. Walk away with specific actions finance/accounting professionals and the organizations they support can take to get the most out of the data in this report.

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