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Fundraising Advisor 2015 Benchmark Report

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Understanding When and How Nonprofit Professionals Engage Donors

When it comes to nonprofit fundraising practices, are you leading the pack, behind the curve, or on par with your peers? In our continued efforts to help nonprofits succeed in the evolving world of fundraising, we’ve aggregated answers from 270 nonprofit professionals who used the Fundraising Advisor tool to answer six questions about when and how they engage donors. (Please know, this is not a comprehensive report on nonprofit fundraising data and insights, but rather a snapshot of fundraising activity from a representative sample of nonprofit professionals.)

The Fundraising Advisor 2015 Benchmark Report dives into the fundraising practices and strategies of 270 nonprofit professionals, including:

  • Depth of donor data
  • Event and online fundraising strategies
  • Communication channels nonprofit professionals use and frequency of donor contact
  • Thank you note turnaround time

Download the Fundraising Advisor 2015 Benchmark Report for a composite look at today’s nonprofit fundraiser, the full findings, and five insights to help improve your results.

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