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Donor Engagement Study

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Aligning Nonprofit Strategy With Donor Preferences

Nonprofits lose 61 percent of donors each year, and more than $25 billion in donations are at stake. That’s significant churn and missed opportunity. But why? It all comes down to engagement. Knowing when, how, and why your donors want to be engaged can mean the difference between crippling attrition and sustainable loyalty.

In the Donor Engagement Study, we explored questions with 1,263 donors and 206 nonprofit professionals who are involved in decisions around donor communications and engagement. We set out to explore the topic of donor engagement differently, looking at the subject through a new lens that compares how donors actually engage with nonprofit organizations and how nonprofits think donors engage with their organizations.

Find the answers to these questions:

  • What matters most to donors as they evaluate nonprofit organizations?
  • How can nonprofit professionals be better communicators?
  • What makes donors feel involved and engaged with nonprofits?
  • Are there generational differences regarding donor engagement?
  • Is donor engagement driven by industry practices or true donor preference?
  • What misalignments exist between donors and the nonprofit organizations they support?

Download the full Donor Engagement Study to find out what we learned. Walk away with specific actions nonprofit professionals and the nonprofit organizations they support can take to get the most out of the data in this report.

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