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Understanding the Member Career Journey

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Engaging and Targeting Different Generations of Members

Understanding generations and how they like to engage now is essential for any professional membership organization to ensure success. Therefore, in the Member Engagement Study, we surveyed both professional membership organizations and members to better understand how the attitudes, values, and preferences of members align or diverge with those of professional membership organizations. We looked at behaviors across generations within the membership base, examining how their age and career stage affect their attitudes and preferences. We found stark differences, particularly in the way younger and early career members like to be communicated with versus older, more established members.

View this infographic to see some of our key findings. Based on generational data from the Member Engagement Study, this infographic presents valuable information we learned about members in each generation: Millennials, born 1981-1998; Generation Xers, born 1965-1980; Boomers, born 1946-1964; and Matures, born 1945 or earlier.

In this infographic, you’ll discover the following information about each age group:

  • Stage within their career journey
  • Most valued benefits
  • Content interests by age
  • Preferred frequency of communication
  • Top communication channels