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The History of MIP Fund Accounting™ at Abila

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How our Fund Accounting Software Name has Changed Over Time

We’re excited to announce … MIP™ software is back! The best-known name in true fund accounting™ is back from retirement.

Our fund accounting software name has changed several times over the years (nine to be exact, but who’s counting), and our company has been through a few name changes, too. Your continued support and feedback has helped drive the success of many organizations and helped them accomplish their missions.

So, try as we may to change the name, something about our fund accounting software’s original name, MIP™, resonates and is still very present. When we launched Abila in 2013, you asked us to bring back MIP™ software, and we heard you loudly and clearly!

View this infographic, “The History of MIP Fund Accounting™ at Abila,” starting in 1982. See how our fund accounting software name has evolved over time.