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Switching To Cloud-Based True Fund Accounting™ Software

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See Your Nonprofit’s Financial Forecast With True Fund Accounting™

Clouds have moved beyond just cumulonimbus and cirrus forms to take shape as a nonprofit technology solution that provides people and organizations everywhere with modern, functional accessibility to the tools they want and need.

Nonprofit organizations that embrace the cloud will see immediate improvements in flexibility, insights, and cost savings. And, the actual switch to a cloud-based true fund accounting™ solution can be as easy as checking the weekly weather forecast.

What do you think your nonprofit’s financial forecast will look like after you switch to a cloud-based true fund accounting™ solution? How will things measure up days following transitioning to this purpose-built system? We have your “5 Day Forecast Following MIP Advance™ Implementation,” with the answers to these key questions:

  • How will you access and track the financial information most important to you and your organization?
  • What kind of visibility will you have into your financial data?
  • What will your organization’s fiscal health be like? Will you even know?
  • How will you perform data maintenance and data backups and secure your data?

Access your nonprofit’s financial forecast with true fund accounting™ in the cloud now.