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Nonprofits’ Growing Dependence on Grant Funding

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See the Challenges and Planned Strategies for Nonprofit Growth Funding

What types of funding sources are nonprofits targeting and how are they planning to grow for the remainder of this year and FY 2018? Through our recent research, the Nonprofit Finance Study: Managing Growth, we found that the search for revenue in order for nonprofits to grow is constant. More than half of the survey respondents stated that during the remainder of this year (2017), they will be looking into more ways to grow including:

  • Applying for new grants
  • Looking for new ways to generate revenue
  • Increasing fundraising efforts

View our infographic, Nonprofits’ Growing Dependence on Grant Funding, and take a closer look at the respondents’ answers on their plans for growth, including the breakdown of revenue sources, the challenges they expect to face with grant funding, and the confidence they have that they will receive needed grant funding in FY 2018.