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How Millennial Donors Engage With Nonprofits

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Understanding the Unique Behaviors and Preferences of Millennial Donors

Millennials engage with nonprofits differently than any other generation. While much has been discussed about Millennials, what can’t be denied is the fact they’re moving into their prime earning and spending years, and their behaviors and attitudes will reshape the economy, how companies do business, and how nonprofit organizations attract and engage them. And, with 80 million Millennials in the U.S., it’s a generation nonprofits can’t afford to ignore.

The Donor Loyalty Study shows us how to understand Millennial donors’ giving habits, communication preferences and behaviors, and their engagement paths. See results of the Millennial portion of the study, represented in this “Millennial Donors” infographic, including:

  • The popular causes Millennial donors support
  • How Millennials like to engage
  • Unique behaviors Millennials are likely to exhibit, compared to other generations
  • Types of content Millennials are likely to consume and tolerate

Understanding generations and how they like to engage is essential for any nonprofit organization, as is acknowledging that an emerging generation will change the rules of engagement down the road. Start planning now for that sea change.

View the infographic below to see what we learned about Millennial donors in our Donor Loyalty Study.