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Nonprofit Uses P2P Fundraising to Exceed Goals By $60K

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Abila Fundraising Online™ Success Story

Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg chose Abila to help the organization and the cyclists they support exceed their fundraising goals. Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg uses Abila Fundraising Online™ (AFO) to create customized registration forms that allow Cycle of Hope participants to uniquely sign up. Cyclists or event participants also have the advantage to create personalized fundraising pages and share within their own social networks, like Twitter and Facebook.

People tend to donate to causes their friends ask them to support. With Abila Fundraising Online, Cycle of Hope supporters are able to share links to donate to Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg’s fundraising via email, Facebook, and Twitter with easy sharing features. Another feature that event participants benefited from was the ability to embed special fundraising forms directly on their own personal blog or website.

The donors reached by these participants fundraising on the organization’s behalf may not have any particular affinity for Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg itself, or may not even live in the same country, but they have a great desire to support and contribute to a cause that is close to their friends.

“We raised $60,000 more this year over what we had hoped.”

– Heather Scott, Database and Administration Supervisor

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