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ASPEN Minimizes Cost Without Software Customization

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A Professional Association Management Success Story

The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) sought a robust, user-friendly association management system (AMS) to streamline processes – without the cost or complexities of association software customization. Yet, in its search for the perfect AMS, ASPEN had been let down multiple times by customized solutions that proved to only further complicate membership management.

ASPEN assessed past business processes and was able to identify ways to simplify processes for the future. When it found Abila netFORUM Pro™ it discovered the software met 90 percent of its needs without any customization. With membership management software, netFORUM Pro, ASPEN captures all of its data – member profiles, certifications, meeting registrations, publication sales – within one comprehensive association management system.

With the ability to target its market based on the demographic information ASPEN captures in netFORUM Pro, the association now spends its limited marketing dollars more wisely. ASPEN is now able to streamline processes, market effectively, and feed cost-savings back into the association’s mission.

“Instead of casting a broad net for one product, trying to sell it to everybody when it may only apply to a small or medium-size percentage of the people who we work with, we’re able to market far more efficiently and effectively.”

– Former COO

Download the full ASPEN success story now to read more details, plus understand how your association may benefit from Abila’s comprehensive association management software, netFORUM Pro.