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AARC Simplifies Education with Learning Management

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Professional Association Advances its Member Knowledge Base and Educational Preparation

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) struggled with finding the right online learning management system to simplify the online continuing education process for its members. AARC’s existing online learning management platform had limitations and created barriers for members when searching course offerings and earning continuing education. With “advancing the knowledge base and educational preparation of its member” a top priority, the association launched AARC University, powered by Abila Freestone™ Learning Management System, to deliver a more robust and seamless online continuing education experience to its members. Freestone™ Learning Management System provides AARC members with a simple, easy process to access, shop for, purchase, and track continuing education. Additionally, the online learning management tool provides AARC with search functionality and technical reliability it simply couldn’t achieve with its previous online learning platform.

“The Freestone platform provides us with a place to really showcase the quality of our educational offerings. Our constituents know they can come to us to get their professional development needs met. And AARC University’s unique brand and products reflect very well on the organization as a whole.”

– Shawna Strickland, Associate Executive Director of Education

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