Profile Management

The Profile Management module allows your members and prospects to view and update their name, organization, mailing and billing addresses, title, phone, fax, e-mail and more – empowering them with self-service while saving your staff hours of manual data entry.

  • Manage or add addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and all other relevant data
  • Allow your members to note their preferred communication method, as well as opt-in or -out of specific communications or mailings
  • Give your members the ability to change their password

Committee Management

The Committee Management module allows your members to interface with the committees on which they have an active role.

  • Link each member to their committee’s profile page
  • Allow members to view committee details and manage their profile based on their role with the committee
  • View a listing of all active and past members, and send targeted e-mail communications to each
  • Upload, download and read all documents linked to that committee

Member Directory

The Member Directory module allows you to create a searchable online member directory, by individual, organization or whatever format is easiest for you.

  • Search for individuals by name, company, city, state or other existing data
  • Search for organizations by name, acronym, type, city, state and more
  • View results in columns, or change the parameters to meet your needs


Allow your members to join or renew, register for events and buy products online with netFORUM Enterprise’s e-Commerce online store. It ties in with your internal Inventory Management and Accounting tools to simplify all aspects of online sales. New products are effortlessly deployed to the online store and marked for purchase, with price control structures set up internally to ensure that your members and constituents see only the prices for which they are eligible.

  • Sell inventoried products, such as merchandise and publications
  • Allow your members to pay for their membership, settle existing invoices, register for events and apply discounts online
  • Accept donations along with customer orders
  • Charge credit cards in real-time through PayPal Payflow Pro, and automatically batch those transactions to your accounting package
  • Flow orders for shippable products automatically into the fulfillment queue
  • Allow for multi-currency transactions

Event Registration

The Event Registration module integrates seamlessly with your Events Management module, so your members are always up-to-date on your events without any rekeying of information on your part.

  • Display a chronological list of your upcoming meetings and events
  • Allow members and prospects to view event details, including sessions, speakers, sponsors and more
  • Register an individual or group, and have them flow directly to the online store to purchase relevant conference materials
  • Display pricing automatically based on date, membership or customer type
  • Capture hotel request information

My Transactions

Use the My Transactions module to easily display histories of your customers’ activities with your association.

  • Allow customers to renew or rejoin and view products they’ve purchased, events they’ve attended and memberships they hold
  • Have customers review invoices and, if there is an outstanding balance, pay instantly through the e-Commerce online store
  • Allow customers to view and adjust their shipping information for products purchased

Chapter Management

The Chapter Management module allows your members to instantly find chapters in their area and create targeted correspondence inviting prospects to join.

  • Instantly view or modify chapter and chapter-level committee information
  • Review a list of active or defunct chapter members in your area, and launch targeted e-Marketing communication campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ module allows you to provide searchable knowledge bases of frequently asked questions – giving your members the information they need while saving your staff time on the phone and responding to e-mails.

  • Allow members to search a knowledge base of questions and answers, as well as modify or suggest new entries
  • Set up FAQs internally with links to all relevant external documents and sources
  • Organize search results by subject, category, date, etc.

Discussion Groups

Your member community is an integral part of your operations, and online discussions can provide an easy means to fostering interaction amid your community.

  • Allow members and prospects to read entries and create new discussion topics
  • Generate topic “threads,” and allow all or permitted members to reply
  • Set up an e-mail alert system for when a new entry is posted
  • Have association staff create top-level discussion groups, connect them to members, committees or chapters and track their progress

Website Request Management

You likely receive an onslaught of requests for information every day from your members. With the Website Request Management module, you can easily manage those requests – allowing you to focus more on your members’ needs.

  • Reduce time spent providing individual answers by categorizing requests online
  • Automatically send triggered responses to clients and log their requests in their member record
  • Assign requests automatically based on the type of request
  • Instantly attach and send relevant documents based on request

Job Board

The Job Board module allows you to easily create an online job listing service for your association’s member community.

  • Allow both staff and members to submit jobs for online posting
  • Route job postings to the proper internal staff for approval
  • Display job postings searchable by date, location, function, level and more