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netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services use the power of Web services to allow remote access to features within our netFORUM Enterprise AMS. This allows an organization running netFORUM Enterprise to expose pieces of business functionality for use by an external entity, such as a strategic business partner, or internally by your staff. The third-party programs can request XML Schema, insert new records, update existing ones or query netFORUM Enterprise for a list of records meeting a specific criterion.

netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services are URL addressable resources that expose functionality which can be consumed by other systems. In much the same way a person can use a Web browser to request resources (a Web page) from a Web server, a program running on a remote machine can request, or “consume”, the functionality made available via a netFORUM Enterprise xWeb Web service.

netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services are implemented in a platform agnostic manner, using a standards-based approach. This means a system such as netFORUM Enterprise is capable of interacting with a client program (or other Web service) running on a different operating system and written in a different programming language. netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services make it possible for these two systems to communicate and interoperate without costly, difficult-to-implement resolutions that would typically require third-party software packages, custom development and data schema exchange. The netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services standards are based on TCP/IP – the transmission protocol of the Internet; HTTP – a protocol that defines how messages are sent and received; SOAP – a protocol that allows complex information to be represented and transferred between two systems; and WSDL – a language that describes what netFORUM Enterprise xWeb Web service is available at a particular location and the information needed to interact with it.

netFORUM Enterprise xWeb Web services offer an increasing number of innovative xWeb Web service functions, from authorizing xWeb users by IP address, creating performance authorization, restricting certain access and developing advanced security features. And, as always, we’re committed to making your life easier via our online or in-person training programs.

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