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netFORUM Enterprise Toolkit

The netFORUM Toolkit provides you with unprecedented ability to extend, integrate and configure your system, all without leaving the upgrade path. Once you complete training, you can extend the product with Abila or engage with a variety of Abila partners to complete the work on your behalf.

The netFORUM Toolkit empowers your IT staff or consultants to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your system, add wizards, menus and business logic, integrate to third-party applications, and develop entirely new modules – all without significant vendor or developer involvement.

Use netFORUM Enterprise Toolkit to:

  • Add new or modify existing screens in the system
  • Add new menu items and manage the placement of links to screens in the system
  • Copy existing screens and modify them for different uses
  • Add/modify “child form” listings of data associated with profile screens
  • Add/modify wizards to facilitate data entry
  • Extend the data model with new fields and tables and link them into the system
  • Add entirely new modules
  • Integrate new business logic to effectively address unique needs
  • Modify the overall look and feel of the system by changing the style sheet
  • Build XML integrations to third-party systems and expose netFORUM Enterprise data as XML Web Services for consumption by other systems