We’re committed to leading the association management software (AMS) industry with quality innovation. Our Research & Development team is the best in the industry, and we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the technology so that you’re always current and competitive.

In that spirit, we’ve created the following add-on products to meet your needs now & into the future.

netFORUM SharePoint Services

netFORUM SharePoint combines Microsoft SharePoint’s powerful content management, search and collaboration capabilities with the intelligence of Abila’s industry-leading AMS.

Delivering a state-of-the-art member experience, netFORUM SharePoint is built on the powerful SharePoint platform and hosted in the Abila Super Network (ASN) for a safe, secure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that lets you focus on your members – and leave the IT worries to us.

Intelligent Solutions For A High-Value Member Experience

With netFORUM SharePoint, your organization can enrich its member experience – enhancing membership value and driving overall revenue:

  • Create user-defined, personalized content – Easily allow your members to indicate their interests and link that data through SharePoint to create a personalized Web experience. The internal SharePoint taxonomy allows your organization to tag and deliver content such as news, products, discussion groups or blogs that match a member’s self-identified interests
  • Distribute associated content for added value – Your staff can leverage SharePoint to present and merchandise related information – other articles, products in the online store, even other websites – based on the current page’s content
  • Increase revenue through e- Commerce – Utilize netFORUM SharePoint’s transactional capabilities, including a sophisticated online store that offers products and services based on related products, individual buying habits and purchases made by similar shoppers

Advantages For Your Organization

  • Enjoy higher Web traffic with powerful, easy-to-use search technologies, so members stay on your site and keep coming back for relevant content
  • Realize increased sales revenue through additional purchases made via the recommendation of new, complementary, similar and substitute products/services available in the online store
  • Give your members value, get them more involved in the organization and improve member retention by easily creating communities and collaboration among members with similar issues, questions or businesses
  • Allow your staff to create, edit and publish content directly to the Web – no HTML coding experience necessary
  • Attain superior security so you can conduct business with confidence, thanks to Abila’s PCI Compliance and state-of-the-art hosting services

netFORUM Sharepoint Key Features

  • An online store that provides a personalized, state-of-the-art shopping experience, including the ability to recommend additional products and content
  • Registered users can view and edit their profile and add or update special interest codes that link member data to SharePoint’s taxonomy to drive their automated personalized experience

And Take Advantage Of Sharepoint’s Functionality By Utilizing Their More Powerful Features In netFORUM:

  • Powerful content management, including authoring, version control, document, records and Web content management that follows established business rules and tracks workflow
  • Collaboration capabilities, including a number of SharePoint tools such as blogs, calendars, discussion threads, document sharing, wikis and more
  • Expert search functionality powered by Microsoft SharePoint to search your entire Web presence, including blogs, discussion group content and online products, as well as external sources as defined by your unique criteria

Experience netFORUM Sharepoint

netFORUM SharePoint is available for netFORUM Enterprise customers. Call 1-800-647-3863

netFORUM Mobile

In today’s fast-paced world, staying in touch with your staff and members is vitally important. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you need up-to-the-minute access to key performance indicators and current contact information. That’s why we’ve taken member management to the next level with netFORUM Mobile – the association industry’s first mobile solution.

netFORUM Mobile delivers time-sensitive information from your central netFORUM system to your cell phone or smartphone. View your event registrants and committee participants, quickly retrieve snapshot reports on key financial data and membership metrics, or find and contact your members instantly.

netFORUM Mobile is the perfect solution for any mobile staff member: Executive Directors, Government Relations, Sales and Marketing, Meeting Planners, Event Coordinators, Membership Sales and Advertising Sales.

By using netFORUM Mobile, you can enhance the value of your association management investment in a portable and cost-efficient way.

Stay In Touch

  • Gain instant access to contact information, and automatically call or e-mail members or staff by clicking on their hyperlink
  • Search or query individual records in netFORUM by name, company, city or state
  • Search through organizational records to easily find specific contact information
  • Retrieve up-to-the-minute event information and profiles on current registrants
  • Get complete information on committee members, track the committee’s progress and read relevant documentation

Stay Informed

  • See real-time access to key business metrics including registration and cash flow data
  • Utilize netFORUM Mobile’s powerful, prepackaged reports including:
    • Daily cash receipts
    • Daily sales
    • Top 20 products for the month
    • Event registration count
    • Membership count
    • New members added
    • Terminated members
  • And you can create your own tailored reports and publish them directly to your mobile device

netFORUM Toolkit

The netFORUM Toolkit provides you with unprecedented ability to extend, integrate and configure your system, all without leaving the upgrade path. Once you complete training, you can extend the product with Abila or engage with a variety of Abila partners to complete the work on your behalf.

The netFORUM Toolkit empowers your IT staff or consultants to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your system, add wizards, menus and business logic, integrate to third-party applications, and develop entirely new modules – all without significant vendor or developer involvement.

Use netFORUM Enterprise Toolkit to:

  • Add new or modify existing screens in the system
  • Add new menu items and manage the placement of links to screens in the system
  • Copy existing screens and modify them for different uses
  • Add/modify “child form” listings of data associated with profile screens
  • Add/modify wizards to facilitate data entry
  • Extend the data model with new fields and tables and link them into the system
  • Add entirely new modules
  • Integrate new business logic to effectively address unique needs
  • Modify the overall look and feel of the system by changing the style sheet
  • Build XML integrations to third-party systems and expose netFORUM Enterprise data as XML Web Services for consumption by other systems

netFORUM Enterprise xWeb

netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services use the power of Web services to allow remote access to features within our netFORUM Enterprise AMS. This allows an organization running netFORUM Enterprise to expose pieces of business functionality for use by an external entity, such as a strategic business partner, or internally by your staff. The third-party programs can request XML Schema, insert new records, update existing ones or query netFORUM Enterprise for a list of records meeting a specific criterion.

netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services are URL addressable resources that expose functionality which can be consumed by other systems. In much the same way a person can use a Web browser to request resources (a Web page) from a Web server, a program running on a remote machine can request, or “consume”, the functionality made available via a netFORUM Enterprise xWeb Web service.

netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services are implemented in a platform agnostic manner, using a standards-based approach. This means a system such as netFORUM Enterprise is capable of interacting with a client program (or other Web service) running on a different operating system and written in a different programming language. netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services make it possible for these two systems to communicate and interoperate without costly, difficult-to-implement resolutions that would typically require third-party software packages, custom development and data schema exchange. The netFORUM Enterprise’s xWeb Web services standards are based on TCP/IP – the transmission protocol of the Internet; HTTP – a protocol that defines how messages are sent and received; SOAP – a protocol that allows complex information to be represented and transferred between two systems; and WSDL – a language that describes what netFORUM Enterprise xWeb Web service is available at a particular location and the information needed to interact with it.

netFORUM Enterprise xWeb Web services offer an increasing number of innovative xWeb Web service functions, from authorizing xWeb users by IP address, creating performance authorization, restricting certain access and developing advanced security features. And, as always, we’re committed to making your life easier via our online or in-person training programs.

To integrate this powerful technology for your association today, be sure to contact your Abila Sales account executive at 855-283-2872 or by e-mail.

netFORUM Enterprise Outlook Integration

We just made two of your favorite applications better! Abila’s netFORUM Outlook integration synchronizes communication with your staff and members so vital history is never lost or abandoned to desktop silos.

Your staff can easily send and receive e-mail messages through Microsoft Outlook and log the relevant messages in netFORUM Enterprise. This creates a 360-degree view of member communication that is critical to building a member history.

While in Outlook, your staff can retrieve netFORUM Enterprise contacts and automatically incorporate them into an e-mail distribution. This improves the accuracy of your e-mail outreach and increases staff efficiency by eliminating the need for manual list import or data entry.

Using netFORUM Outlook Integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Communicate with your members through the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface
  • Selectively record and synchronize member correspondence within your netFORUM Enterprise system
  • Create accurate e-mail lists for targeted correspondence
  • Search netFORUM Enterprise’s contacts, committees and mailings lists through Outlook
  • Share important member-related information with your entire organization, ensuring that everyone is fully informed on the status of each and every member

Our seamlessly integrated Microsoft solutions, including Excel, Word and Outlook, allow your staff to work more productively and more efficiently in the applications they use most often.