At CommunityBrands, we offer our customers the ability to host their MIP, FR50 and/or Millennium solutions in our cloud. This enables your team to focus on their day-to-day tasks and rely on us for Support and Services.

Focus on Your Mission

For MIP, because your data would not be on an on-premise server, you eliminate the hassles and cost of infrastructure maintenance and support. In the cloud, we manage your technology infrastructure, so you don’t have to. We deploy, maintain, back up, upgrade, and secure your hardware and software, getting you out of the tech business and focused on the mission-critical work you need to accomplish.

Evolve and Grow With Ease

Grow your organization without worrying about incurring exorbitant IT costs. With the cloud, you can add modules to your solution without time-consuming installation, and seamlessly add users without worries of hardware and software compatibility.

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

The cloud enables you to securely and easily retrieve and input information from your mobile phone, tablet, workstation, or laptop computer – wherever and whenever you need.

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