Work smart with a dedicated cloud enviornment for MIP by Community Brands, previously NPT.

Data storage is no small undertaking. Hardware and software need to be installed, maintained, and updated frequently which costs time, attention, and money. Dedicated cloud for MIP lets you turn the job over to Community Brands and rest easy, knowing your data is at your fingertips when you need it.

Our dedicated, single-tenant environment for MIP provides each customer with a dedicated server which allows for:

  • Ability to host wider variety of customizations and 3rd party applications that integrate with MIP Fund Accounting.
  • Flexibility to schedule product updates based on your organization’s needs.
  • Capability to store related files in the cloud with no additional charges.
  • Accessibility for Administrative tools/portal through which the customer can self-provision and easily add new users.

If you’re interested in our dedicated, single-tenant environment for MIP, we will work with you to determine the environment that best meets your specific needs. Simply click the Request Contact button below for more information.

Customer Support

World-class support services support the way it should be. Friendly, knowledgeable, and there when you need it.

  • “Each time I have had to call not only are my issues resolved I always learn about tools / features that help me perform my job more accurately and timely. Stephen thank you.” Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation​
  • “Urgent payroll issue was resolved quickly and correctly. Thank you” Maine School Management Association​
  • “As always, Great Customer Service and my issue was solved! Thank you!” Port of Tillamook Bay​

If you are a current customer seeking support for AWS or NPT, please click below for Support Chat, phone number and Community link.