Private Cloud Hosting by NonProfit Technologies (NPT)

Work smart with Private Cloud Hosting by NonProfit Technologies (NPT)

Secure – Powerful – Always On.

Keeping your data secure and accessible 24/7 means keeping the required infrastructure up and running without interruption. Even for small organizations, data storage is no small undertaking. Hardware and software have to be installed, maintained, and updated frequently which costs time, attention, and money. Private cloud hosting lets you turn the job over to NPT and rest easy, knowing your data is completely safe and at your fingertips when you need it.

What are the primary differences between the cloud offering our partner NonProfit Technologies (NPT) and the Abila cloud offering?

While both are high performing, secure environments, we have taken different approaches to ensure customers have choices that match their particular needs. The NPT offering provides each client with a dedicated server which allows for:

  • the ability to host wider variety of customizations and 3rd party applications that integrate with Abila MIP fund accounting,
  • flexibility for the customer to schedule product updates based on their needs, customizations, and other applications needs,
  • the organization the capability to store related files in the cloud with no additional charges,
  • administrative tools/portal through which the customer can self-provision and easily add new users.

Both Abila and NPT want our joint customers to have the best experience possible, and, should you decide to go with a hosted version of Abila MIP fund accounting, we will work with you to determine the environment that best meets your specific needs.