Customer Stories for MIP Fund Accounting™

Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health Centers

Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health Centers in Pueblo, Colorado, has been treating people who suffer from behavioral health issues for more than fifty years. They do this with the help of Medicaid funding, as they serve everyone who walks in, no matter their age or situation, whether the patient can pay or not. Spanish Peaks provides their local community with crisis intervention, clinicians, addiction and substance abuse treatments, school-based treatment systems and residential units.

Currently, MIP Fund Accounting software is used at Spanish Peaks to keep track of the General Ledger and complete financial reporting. Moreover, the organization takes advantage of the Billing module. Since the organization has seen so much improvement to their processes, the Human Resources department is now looking into implementing the Payroll module for their use. Before MIP, Spanish Peaks’ staff efforts were spent manually creating reports and mining data because their previous software was difficult to manage and lacked the capability to import data. Since implementing MIP, Spanish Peaks has been able to refocus that time to grow their program.

“With financial reports, it takes me about five minutes in MIP, but it would take me literally months with our old system.”
Paige Burkes, D Chief Financial Officer, Spanish Peaks

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