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Save Time Consolidating Spreadsheets and Focus On Improving Programs
In this current economic climate, most nonprofits face pressure to do more with less. Today’s Nonprofit Software and fund accounting technology needs to enable nonprofits to effectively budget, track, report and forecast on outcome measures more than ever. Because there is a need to present reports in multiple formats to a diverse audience of stakeholders, nonprofits should ensure their fund accounting toolsets are robust and flexible enough to easily track and report outcome measures on financial statements. This helps nonprofit organizations demonstrate accountability in all aspects of their financial and program management.

In this white paper you will learn the benefits of leveraging technology to drive outcome measures:

  • Time saved
  • Reduction in duplicate data entry
  • More automation
  • Standardized workflow processes
  • Demonstration of a clear audit trail
  • Accountability and stewardship.

Download “Harnessing Technology to Budget for Outcome Measures”

Today’s fund accounting technology enables nonprofits to budget, track, report and forecast on outcome measures. An integrated fund accounting and outcome measures system enables a nonprofit to identify program challenges and make mid-course corrections to produce meaningful results.

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