2016 Nonprofit Finance Study Webinars


Discover findings from the 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study, and recommendations on how to best manage the increasing complexity of compliance, audits, fraud, and succession planning as your organization continues to grow.

The Fact of the Matter: Nonprofit Fraud
Recorded Webinar
Dena Jansen, Audit Partner at Maxwell Locke & Ritter
Harold Ingersoll, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, CM&AA Consulting Partner at Atchley & Associates, LLP

Fraud is still a concern for nonprofits. According to the 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study only 40 percent of nonprofit finance professionals say their organization puts some or minor effort into helping to prevent fraud. Listen in as our guest hosts and nonprofit fraud experts discuss how nonprofit organizations can:

  • Spot the signs of potential fraud before it’s too late
  • Better prepare for and prevent the possibility of fraud
  • Rely more on technology to help foster a fraud-free environment

Scope of Nonprofit Compliance Complexities
Recorded Webinar Panel
Andrew Payne, Director of Product Management & Product Marketing at Abila
Patrick Armknecht, CPA, CITP at Schneider Downs & Co.
Nora Al-Omari, Application Consultant & ACA Expert at Zobrio

Compliance has been more time-consuming and costly over just the last two to three years, according to two-thirds of the nonprofit finance professionals who responded to the 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study. Our panel of nonprofit experts touch on topics such as recent regulatory changes, their impact on the nonprofit sector, and how technology will shape the future of compliance for nonprofit finance and executive teams.


Wading Through Nonprofit Financial Complexities
Recorded Webinar
Presenters: Dan Murphy and Jenna Overbeck

Based on findings from the 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study: Compliance, People, and Process Complexities, take a deep dive into the obstacles facing today’s nonprofits, how prepared nonprofits are to address these challenges, and recommendations on how to move forward at your nonprofit.