Abila Fund Accounting

Increase Accountability and Transparency with Fund Accounting
Nonprofit organizations have very specific fund accounting needs. Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ software fulfills the fund tracking and reporting requirements that are vital to maintaining multiple funding sources and meeting special tracking. Without the right fund accounting software the process can grow impractical and difficult to maintain causing errors and unnecessary audits.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is a flexible system configured to meet the complex needs of nonprofit organizations. Accountability for financial and program management is an absolute necessity and is now more important than ever.

How fund accounting is different from commercial accounting systems:

  • Tracks and reports separate restrictions on money used to support programs
  • Measures performance of a program or activity
  • Performs allocations of indirect costs by grantors
  • Tailors reports for each funding source
  • Avoids funding misuse
Download 'Increase your Accountability and Transparency'

Download “Increase your Accountability and Transparency”

Accountability for your organization’s financial and program management is an absolute necessity – now more imperative than ever. Learn ten reasons why nonprofits need true fund accounting instead of a commercial accounting system.

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