The Power of WE!

The Power of WE!

Abila® Business Partners are trusted experts authorized to resell and implement one or more Abila products, including MIP Fund Accounting™, Grant Management™, Fundraising 50™, and Abila Fundraising Online™.

We often refer to our Partners as our “feet on the street”. We rigorously certify and recertify our partners to make sure they understand our software. More than 90% of our partners have more than 15 years’ experience with our software. In fact in 2014, our Partners’ certified consultants put in more than 900 total hours in the classroom.

For us, it’s always about the customer. As our boilerplate states, organizations trust Abila to help them better their processes so they can focus on delivering their unique mission. “For Abila, it’s personal and backed by a team with more than 50 years of experience dedicated to helping organizations achieve their vision.”

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“Abila is the leader in user friendly, functional, targeted software for the Nonprofit financials market. Other products have strengths in one area or another but they do not achieve the balance that Abila does with MIP™.”

– Bob Schilling, Capital Business Solutions

“NonProfit Technologies is very happy to represent Abila MIP Fund Accounting™. This solution makes it easy to sleep at night because we know the product works. We have successfully implemented this system over 1,000 times during our 17 year tenure as a Business Partner.”

– Kevin Massey, NonProfit Technologies

“I was a Blackbaud® user and Blackbaud Business Partner for many years. The MIP™ product is easier to learn and requires less consulting time. I also strongly believe that my customers appreciate the ‘local’ business partner model.”

– Camille Livsey, NPT: The Technology Group

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