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As we peer into our crystal ball, we see changes coming in 2017 for the association sector. To help demystify your future, our Abila association experts have compiled these 2017 Association Predictions. Accompanying each prediction are recommended actions to help you see through the shrouded veil and ensure success in the coming year. Download our 2017 Association Predictions today!

For many association professionals, the mere thought of creating an online learning environment for members has them running for the hills. So, why all the drama? What’s so daunting about creating a simple online learning course? Well, like anything else, it requires additional time, resources, and in-depth knowledge of both current and future technological trends. Rare commodities for many associations. But, when done right, offering an online learning benefit to your members is one of the single most valuable perks you can provide. Download this 6-Step Epic eLearning Guide to launch and deliver your content better than ever before.

Finance and accounting within the nonprofit sector can be complex, with managing revenue from multiple sources proving to be the most unique challenge for nonprofit finance professionals. Ongoing changes to rules and regulations only add more layers of complexity. In crafting the 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study, we surveyed more than 400 nonprofit finance professionals in order to better understand the challenges and complexity of the more technical aspects of nonprofit finance. Find out what we uncovered and how your organization can benefit from the many findings and recommendations.

Whether your organization is large or small, and no matter your mission, there are certain policies and procedures that must be invoked to protect your cause, your organization, and your community. From setting the right control environment to proper segregation of duties policies, “Internal Controls for Nonprofits” is your resource guide to establishing operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliable financial and organizational infrastructure, and ompliance with local, federal, and state laws and regulations.

Member engagement is crucial to sustaining and growing your member rolls. Not everyone’s talking about it, but they should be. In what we believe is an industry first, we’ve looked at the subject through a new lens that compares how and why members actually engage with organizations, alongside how professional member organizations think members engage with their organizations.

An audit can increase the performance, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility of your organization. The Nonprofit Audit Pocket Guide provides before, during, and after audit guidelines for accountants, CFOs, and audit teams at nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Online fundraising isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. From targeting the right supporters to providing a positive online giving experience to following up meaningfully, online fundraising can be a significant piece of your nonprofit’s overall fundraising strategy. Craft a complete strategy with the Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising.

The evolution of technology, coupled with the massive amount of data to which organizations have access, can make any association staffer’s head spin. Download this Data Tip Sheet to make the most out of the data living in your Association Management System.

Continually acquiring new members is the key to ensuring your association’s legacy lives on. Many associations miss the mark during the onboarding process, lacking the necessary hooks for creating long-lasting relationships. Make your members love you by incorporating these 10 steps into your association’s onboarding program.

Some 38 percent of new members site lack of engagement with an organization as the number one reason for not renewing their membership. Are you onboarding for new member success? Take this quiz to see how your onboarding program ranks!