Smart Guide: Learning Management

Deliver Epic Elearning from Start to Finish

Whether you’re launching an online learning course for the first time, or trying to re-engage stagnant members with your continuing education offerings, delivering strategic and valuable elearning content can be challenging.

Access our comprehensive learning management templates, videos, and infographics below to take your online learning offerings to the next level.

And, don’t forget to download our Savvy Association Guide to LMS Success to learn how you can make the most of your learning management system

Launching Online Learning Programs

For many associations, the mere thought of creating an online learning environment for members has them running for the hills. So, why all the drama?

Well, like anything else, it requires additional time, resources and an attention to both current and future technological trends. But, when done right, offering an online learning benefit to your members is one of the single most valuable perks you can provide. It can:

• Boost member engagement (especially those millennials...)
• Improve member retention and acquisition rates
• Drive an additional stream of revenue

6-Step Guide to Epic eLearning

Download this 6 Step Epic eLearning Guide to gear up for a successful launch of your online educational content.

Members Love Credentialing and Certification

There’s no doubt association members today are seeking knowledge. In fact, a recent study reveals 24 percent of members who are one to five years into their careers cite certifications as a top reason they join an association. When developing an online credentialing or certification program, be sure to build out your offerings to accommodate professional development and career growth needs across all generations.

And, don’t let your beloved members go somewhere else for knowledge – show them you’re the perfect match for all the information they’re seeking!

Elearning Matchmaker Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn the five steps your association can take to marry member wants with your online educational deliverables.

Why do Millennials Join Associations?

Did you know 49 percent of professionals join an association in the first five years of their careers?

Engaging young professionals early on is not just a nice-to-do, it’s a must. As reported in the Member Engagement Study, Millennials are most engaged by professional development opportunities, networking, online learning, and conferences. Lead with these benefits when appealing to young professionals to optimize your success.

Millennial Engagement Infographic

View this infographic to learn what benefits really matters to today’s young professionals.