Abila Announces netFORUM™ Pro & Enterprise Platforms Partnership with Votility

March 3, 2014 – AUSTIN, Texas – Today Abila, providers of membership and donor management solutions for associations and nonprofits, announced that Votility, a national non-partisan, unbiased online service allowing voters to immediately make their voice heard, have partnered with netFORUM from Avectra, an Abila company. netFORUM’s donor management, crowd-contributing and membership management solutions enable not-for-profits and associations to connect with constituents, partners and prospects in entirely new ways, thus creating more meaningful engagements to drive bottom-line results.

“We are very pleased to have been accepted into Abila’s Partner Program and look forward to sharing our advocacy platform,” said Brent Willis, CEO, Votility. “This partnership not only benefits Abila as an industry software leader, but also allows customers to experience a measurable difference in achieving their member engagement goals and advocacy missions.”

netFORUM Social CRM for associations, the industry’s first completely Web-based member engagement platform, is a strong match with Votility’s own advocacy mission: to increase member engagement and leverage the power of the social web for grassroots advocacy. As a result, membership organizations can now utilize the power of combined information in Abila to engage members in civic participation and create mutually valuable relationships with their members.

“By partnering with Abila, Votility is now able to help membership organizations with an advocacy mission increase their efficiency and member engagement, directly impacting high priority pending legislation,” said Erin Shy, vice president, Product Marketing and Product Management, Abila. “We’re confident Votility will make an excellent addition.”

Additionally, Votility is the first partner to develop a “Single Sign On” (SSO) compatibility combined with a robust API.

Once activated, the SSO will enable Votility customers to login to Votility using their netFORUM login credentials. This will save association members time by not having to log in and out of one application to execute various grassroots advocacy tasks within Votility. Making the member sign-in process simple and quick allows a company with an advocacy mission a measurable way to achieve their grassroots goals.

About Abila

Abila with Avectra, now an Abila Company, serves associations with comprehensive membership management SaaS and software solutions. Organizations want to accomplish more, with less complexity and effort. Together, Abila and Avectra, will enable you to do just that – and achieve what you never even dreamed was possible.

For us, it’s personal. Abila and Avectra are backed by over 50 years of combined experience dedicated to helping organizations clear the way to perform your best work so you and your organization can focus on delivering your mission.

For more information, please visit www.abila.com.

About Votility

Votility, based in Nashville, Tenn., is a non-partisan, non-biased, non-party affiliated, real-time political accountability company specifically targeting three areas in American politics: education, communication and accountability. Market research has shown repeatedly that the American voter wants an easy, more efficient way to understand and track federal legislation. Americans want a simple path, in addition to the electoral process, to communicate their views to their representatives in Washington. Through technology, Votility satisfies these market needs and delivers a powerful, real-time tool to the American people. Votility is a company devoted to a simple mission: preserving the right to participate in a representative form of government granted to the people by the U.S. Constitution. Make your vote heard by visiting www.votility.com, and make a real difference today. Votility, The People’s Political Voice!

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