Let’s see a show of hands: How many of you can say you’ve ever worked alongside a hero?

At Community Brands, we can!

Every single day, we get to help customers accomplish heroic feats like build homes for the homeless, work toward disease cures, educate America’s children, and find jobs for those with employment barriers. In a nutshell, we help nonprofits, associations, and higher education institutes move their missions forward.

Don’t go for the greater-good-for-all-humanity stuff? Okay, here are some hard facts…

  • Community Brands provides software and services to some 8,000 customers, worldwide
  • More than $50 billion was transacted through our software systems last year, alone
  • We’re a young, nimble company, but have 30+ years of product history
  • Our collective team has more than 50 years of experience assisting nonprofits and associations

Come work for us and help advance the missions of America’s nonprofits, associations, and universities. That would kind of make you a hero, too!

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