Member Data Management (CRM)

Proactively manage all your member and prospect records. By better understanding your members’ needs, you can target your message and offer unique and valuable content and programs.

  • Manage your member and prospect information using data-rich profile screens
  • Track multiple addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses for individuals and organizations
  • Designate personal communication profiles for your members, based on their communication preferences
  • Perform common tasks with ease – access the centralized order entry system, record payments and track notes
  • Conduct electronic commerce transactions to sell products, memberships and event registrations
  • Get a full view of your members and prospects – track interactions and correspondence with or between members and/or other organizations

Membership & Dues Calculations

  • Set up multiple membership types and custom dues packages for individuals and organizations
  • Conduct mass dues renewals and membership drop processes
  • Automatically prorate dues based on join date for new members (first year prorating by month)
  • Support calendar year or anniversary-based dues



Generate non-dues revenue by easily marketing and selling your products and merchandise, memberships, event registrations and subscriptions through your centralized order entry system.

This function can also tie in with your internal Accounting tool to simplify all aspects of online sales.

  • Establish multiple automatic pricing structures based on membership status
  • Create and track invoices, and process payments from individuals and organizations
  • Create and adjust orders that won’t affect accounts receivable
  • Validate and charge credit cards electronically at point-of-sale
  • Store credit card authorization codes, not credit card numbers, to limit your liability
  • Export data to third-party accounting systems for budgeting and accounts payable

Staff ecommerce


Target your messaging to provide your members with the information they want.Simply create or import lists of members and prospects, then use the e-mail wizard to select names and choose an e-mail template to send the right message to the right group at the right time.

Member and Customer Communications

  • Create rich-text messages using our built-in HTML editor (no HTML coding experience necessary)
  • Send e-mail correspondence to members, and automatically maintain a record of the correspondence
  • Track multiple mailing lists
  • Allow customers to opt-in or -out of specific types of mailings

Messaging Campaigns

  • Set up custom demographics to better segment your audience
  • Utilize user-friendly messaging wizards that walk you through the process of setting up messaging campaigns
  • Filter/tailor your message to specific audiences
  • Schedule each messaging campaign to be sent immediately or at a future date and time
  • Automatically send follow-up messages in response to requests, event registrations and e-Commerce transactions
  • Track results of the messaging campaigns


Committee Management

Managing your committees has never been easier.Track your member participation for all committees and task forces, so you can easily keep up with what’s going on at all levels.

  • Track current and historical member participation
  • Define and assign committee positions and management structures
  • Run committee rosters and easily communicate with entire committees at the click of a button
  • Track, publish and distribute committee documents and minutes

Website Creation

Take control of your website, set up e-Commerce capabilities or instantly add and edit pages with our integrated website editor wizard.

  • Fully customizable editor allows you to easily integrate your brand’s style throughout your site
  • Include meta tags to help search engines categorize your site correctly
  • Create custom sections and pages of content
  • Specify if new visitors are able to register on your website, and dictate what information is required upon registration
  • Create complex e-Commerce functionality, and tie that in to your Inventory or Accounting tools

Website Management

Easily publish unique Web content on a public or members-only website. Create a personalized Web experience for your members, and instantly deliver the right information to the right members at the right time.

  • Enable members to view and edit their member profiles to ensure the accuracy of member data
  • Use functional e-Marketing and Web design templates to easily emphasize your branding
  • Enable dynamic content publishing
  • Enhance member value by granting access to a members-only site with exclusive resources

Members-only Web sections. Because your website building tools are integrated with your membership database, you can create sections of your website with members-only content. Use the integrated permissions and logins to give only members access to your most valuable content, such as member directories, compensation studies, exclusive events and more.

Member self-service includes the ability to join or renew, update profile information, register for events, buy products and more all online – giving your members the online experience they expect while saving your staff time.

Event Management

Simplify the planning, coordination and execution of your most complex events, meetings and conferences. Manage meetings and events of all types – from the smallest committee meeting to an annual conference with competing tracks and multiple sessions.

  • Identify and enforce key dates for early, regular and late registrations for members and non-members alike
  • Track critical information on sponsors, locations and speakers
  • Post speaker information and session materials online
  • Provide online registrations and process payments in real-time
  • Copy a previous event to make similar events simple to set up
  • Allow potential meeting attendees and sponsors to see conference details in a real-time environment
  • Add sessions, breakout sessions and social functions to the larger meeting
  • Track registration payments, cancellations and refunds

Queries, Reports, & Dashboards

Gain insight into your association’s business and generate results with reports, queries and executive dashboards.

Queries help you filter large amounts of data into more digestible information, while reports help you present and distribute that data to better inform your staff or membership.

  • Get the information you need from your database without the complexity of traditional reporting tools
  • Create, save and modify queries
  • Categorize all reports by module or other parameters
  • Take data from the database and export it into a useful format

Executive Dashboards

Executive dashboards provide visually powerful summaries of your mission-critical information: member counts, revenue collected, conference registrations and anything else you need to help manage your member data and make smarter business decisions.

Data Interface

Our easy-to-use interface produces lists of information that can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel, XML, PDF and CSV (ASCII) for further analysis or number crunching with a single click. Plus, these lists can be seamlessly pulled in to the e-Marketing tool to conduct targeted marketing campaigns. All of this is available to the end user with no help from the IT Department.



Recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations, in your industry with ease. We help simplify your awards process – from tracking award entries and voting to calculating the average score by entry.

  • Manage award types by category and year
  • Track award entries by number, customer or nominator
  • Assign judges to an award, and accumulate the scores from all judges
  • Collect each judge’s specialties, committee participation and years in the field for future award planning
  • Track and calculate award entry scores by average to identify award winners
  • Notify winners and members instantly via the netFORUM e-Marketing tool


Track multiple certification programs and education credits, and set up requirements, terms and designations to be awarded upon final approval for each of your programs.

  • Quickly link exams and courses in the Event Management feature to your certification programs
  • Create renewal invoices by term, or bill the certificate recipients for the annual maintenance fee
  • Track education credits on most products
  • Centralize the tracking of education credits by assessing the credit value of each product
  • Enter self-reported credits on the individual record


Fundraising Management

The Fundraising module provides a framework to easily access and manage your donor information using standardized and user-defined fields.

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of donor records, fields and user-defined fields
  • Track unlimited combinations of Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals
  • Create personalized solicitations, thank-you letters and other correspondence
  • Solicit contributions on membership dues notices and online
  • Accept contributions from all donors on Website with the Donate Now all in one donate form.


Manage your shows, exhibits, booths and personnel with ease and flexibilitywith the netFORUM Exhibits tool.

  • Set up an exhibit shows and booths according to type and category
  • Sell exhibit booths and assign booth personnel
  • Manage fees and refunds
  • Easily search for shows, exhibitors and vendors
  • Manage personnel assignments in real-time
  • Track vendor information and compare pricing for future events
  • Tie exhibit information into your internal Membership Management tool


XML Integrations & API License

Use the power of Web services (xWeb) to extend your association’s technology and integrate with other services to provide access to data within your netFORUM association management software.

This allows an organization running netFORUM Pro to expose pieces of your association database to third parties. Typical uses are to offer Single Sign-On (SSO) integration to other technologies, including social networking and online voting, or for more advanced users to create their own members-only sections.

Using xWeb Web services, an external program can query your netFORUM data to obtain an event registrant or authenticate a customer or member, for example. It can then employ the same underlying business principles that your staff and members use to retrieve that data out of netFORUM Pro itself.

This service is available only to netFORUM Pro clients and requires the purchase of an XML license. Contact your sales representative or netFORUM Client Services representative for details.

Online Documentation & Help

netFORUM Pro provides extensive training and documentation services free of charge.

That means your team always has access to the latest training information, either online through Abila’s website or through e-mail alerts – ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with the latest functionality.

You and your staff will receive:

  • Online Help: Just click on the Help button in the application, and you’ll find information on every feature of netFORUM Pro, as well as FAQs. In addition, the new features in each product upgrade are updated continuously and can be quickly reviewed in the “What’s New This Release” section.
  • Release Notes: netFORUM Pro provides expanded step-by-step, training manual-style coverage of new functionality added in each product upgrade. Release Notes can be found under “Review Documentation” in the Welcome tab.
  • Technical Manuals: When topics within netFORUM Pro warrant extra attention, such as how to use the website editor or how to create your own custom queries, Abila makes technical training manuals available – so you’re always equipped with the knowledge you need to make the most of your netFORUM investment.
  • Automatic Fixes: In the “Issues Addressed” list located through the application’s Welcome screen, we provide information on any bugs or New Feature Requests (NFRs) that we’ve addressed in recent builds.
  • Overview Videos: Designed to provide a basic understanding of netFORUM Pro features, these training videos provide a simple way to learn about your new software. They can be accessed via the Welcome tab in the application.
  • Training Videos: For those who want a deeper understanding of netFORUM Pro functionality, we also offer video webinar sessions led by a live trainer after your set-up has been completed and you’re fully prepared to begin working with the system.

Please note that all the above documentation is provided as a free service as part of your contract. Premium or customized training and documentation may also be provided upon request for additional fees. Additional documentation services will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.