netFORUM Pro is a powerful subscription-based membership management solution. This easy-to-use software provides your organization with the ability to manage your members and business processes through an integrated suite of features, including membership management, e-Commerce, e-Marketing and a wizard to quickly link content to a public or members-only site.

netFORUM Pro helps your association save time and money while giving your members easy access to everything you have to offer


Manage Your Members, Not Your Software
100% Web-based, netFORUM Pro leverages the latest technologies to deliver one complete, real-time view of your membership – with all-inclusive profiles of membership history, event attendance, purchase history and more.

Power Without the Complexity
netFORUM Pro allows you to easily capture, organize and manage all interactions with the individuals and organizations you do business with. The software reduces your overhead costs by enabling your members to update their information, process dues, communicate with your organization, register for events and buy products online – giving members the online experience they expect, while saving your staff time.

netFORUM Pro is based on a monthly subscription model, so you pay one fee based on the number of internal users. And with no hidden costs for upgrades, hosting or maintenance, we provide a predictable cost for your budget with savings to feed back into your association.

Instantly “On”
netFORUM Pro gives you the ability to sign up and start today. There’s no software to install. No hardware to buy. No maintenance, upgrade or support costs. And no need to hire consultants or technical specialists to support the solution.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Because netFORUM Pro is completely Web-based, all you need is an Internet connection to access all of your most important resources. Connect to netFORUM Pro the same way you log on to your favorite website, and manage your daily operations and membership from wherever you are.

Best-in-Class Usability
netFORUM Pro works the way you do – not the other way around. With an easy-to-use interface and simple navigation, it requires the fewest number of clicks to access the information you need most.

Manage Your Chapters or Affiliates
netFORUM Pro delivers unrivaled flexibility to quickly, easily and affordably address the challenges of managing a distributed chapter and affiliate structure. Implementing netFORUM Pro allows you to collaborate with your chapters and affiliates, selectively share membership profile information, and seamlessly synchronize your member communications.


Best-in-Class Hosting & Security
Abila is committed to your data security. All netFORUM solutions run in a secure, state-of-the-art hosting facility with complete system redundancy, fail-safe power systems and full database backup. Customers may incur Internet access through their ISP for accessing the system.

Committed Customer Support
Each user has access to a dedicated customer support team member who is ready to respond to any questions you have. Whether it is a “how to” question or suggestions for improvement, we’ll make sure that your questions are answered and any issues resolved promptly – so you can get back to serving your members.

SSL Certificate for Secure Web Transactions
Abila provides an SSL certificate to allow you to securely transact business on the Web. Organizations will need to maintain an Internet Merchant Account and establish an account with PayPal Payflow Pro or

Automated System Upgrades
All hardware, software and operating system upgrades are included in the licensing at no additional cost, which means the latest technology is always at your fingertips. We provide at least three free product upgrades each year, and each is automatically applied with no effort for you or your IT staff.

Unlimited Online Training
netFORUM Pro customers have unlimited access to a library of Web-based tutorials addressing the setup and use of the application. In addition, we provide instructor-led online courses conducted periodically for users covering a variety of topics.

Benefits of an AMS

The business benefits of an association management system are simple – you save both time and money.

For instance, if you use one vendor to send out e-mails, another to set up events, a third to manage your servers – all while storing your members’ contact information in a separate database – it’s a daily challenge to keep track of the information you need.

Association staff must switch from one system to another throughout the day to get their jobs done, wasting valuable time that could be focused on serving your members.

But with an association management system, all of your tools are combined into one complete, integrated membership management solution. Think of how you pay your personal bills – Telecom, for example. Now you can get your cable, Internet, landline and even cell phone usage all from one vendor. That means that all of your information is kept in one place, so you receive only one itemized bill and have one company to contact for customer service. When you access your information online, your password, the look and feel of the site, its terminology and icons are all the same.

An association management system provides you with a ‘bundling of products,’ too. All of your membership, prospect, partner and customer information is stored in one place, and when someone in your organization makes an update to any piece of information, the entire system is automatically updated – so there’s no double entry of data.

Member Self-Service – Better Data and Easier Event Management

With member self-service functionality, your members can join or renew, update their profile information, register for events and buy products all online – and the data they enter will be reflected throughout your system.

In addition to better data, you no longer have to spend hours entering registrations for that upcoming event, because members can register online with built-in e-Commerce. And netFORUM makes it easy for your staff to manage event logistics, speakers and sessions and collect payments.

Want a report of all attendees? No problem. Just select the report, and the data you need is at your fingertips with an executive dashboard, or it can be exported into your choice of formats.

Easy to Use with Reduced IT Efforts

That’s just the beginning of time savings for your staff. With only one intuitive system to learn for everything from customer relationship management to e-Marketing, accounting and more, your staff users have only a short learning curve before they’re up and running with the system. And we all know time is money.

Plus, Abila takes care of all product upgrades, so you’re always current with the latest technology – and there’s no disruption to your business or added burden to your budget. We upgrade for you, so when you turn on your computer, you can immediately start using the new features.

Contact us today to see how our netFORUM AMS can help you engage your members, increase non-dues revenue, make smarter business decisions and get more done with less.

Benefits by Association Type

Trade Association Benefits

Deeper Relationships with Your Member Companies
Engage and track multiple contacts with your member companies to promote the value of your organization to the entire company.

Each user has access to a dedicated customer support team member who is ready to respond to any questions you have. Whether it is a “how to” question or suggestions for improvement, we’ll make sure that your questions are answered and any issues resolved promptly – so you can get back to serving your members.

Easy Event Management
Manage and organize your conferences and events, and handle individual or group registrations with ease.

Access organizational information, set permissions and link to individual roles within your organization.

Dues Management
netFORUM Pro can accommodate disparate dues structures, usually based on more than one field of your association record.

Professional Society Benefits

The query tool allows you to easily track demographic data, find specialties per region or across industries, and instantly reach the right members with the right information with targeted e-Marketing communication tools.

Member Self-Service
Members can instantly update information about themselves online, as well as join or renew, register for events and pay for products – giving your members the online experience they expect while saving your staff time.

Comprehensive View of Membership
Obtain a 360-degree view of individuals and organizations, including membership status, history, preferences, requests and more.

Certification Management
Easily keep track of your members’ certification hours and programs.

Benefits by User Type & Role


Real-Time Information
Gain access to real-time information on what the association is doing; find member contacts and share relevant content.

Engage & Connect
Network across your industry via standard e-mail or social networking capabilities.

Manage Your Membership
Renew or rejoin, transfer to a different membership type, and pay your membership dues either at once or in installments.


Real-Time Data
Capture and organize member data and other relevant information – demographics, interest groups, activities, events, etc. – so you can get a comprehensive snapshot of your members at all times.

Targeted Marketing
Tag your data to tailor your next e-Marketing message campaign and drive more members to your website.

Simplify Membership Processes
Automatically create and send renewals for memberships and dues of all member types.

Easily Manage Events
Supervise numerous events each year, from the smallest committee meeting to an annual convention – and even copy a previous event to create a new one and save time. Oversee all hotel rooms, meeting facilities, food service, speaker and AV needs.

Pricing Controls for Easy e-Commerce
Establish multiple pricing structures, sell conference materials, and handle and track registration, payments and refunds.

Tailor Content to Individual Interests
Offer your members more valuable content and programs based on their profile history.


Make Smarter Business Decisions
Providing instant snapshots of key performance metrics, the executive dashboard feature gives you the actionable business data you need to make smart business decisions.

Best Practices
Use your data to identify and develop best practices for your organization that align with industry trends.

Simplify Membership Processes
Automatically create and send renewals for memberships and dues of all member types.

Improved Efficiency
Easy-to-learn and use tools help automate many of your burdensome operations, freeing your staff to focus less on processes and more on your members.