Members are an association’s most valuable asset, but too frequently, membership data is spread across multiple systems. The result? At best, inconvenience and inefficiency. At worst, inaccurate data leading to poor member management choices and lost opportunity.

netFORUM Enterprise™ allows you to easily capture and track member information in one membership database. Manage information for large groups of records or focus on details for a single member with easy-to-use, data-rich profile screens.

Maintain unlimited addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses, including addresses linked to organizational records, and allow members to indicate their communication preferences. Track member requests and automatically route questions to the appropriate staff members. Understand interactions and correspondence, both with your customers and between them.

And netFORUM Enterprise offers more than just a virtual card catalog of member information. With our netFORUM Enterprise™ Credentialing Engine, powered by Agilutions, you can effectively and efficiently manage your credentialing program throughout each stage of your members’ career journey, from graduation to retirement.

netFORUM Enterprise Gives You the Ability To:

  • Control key business rules for membership types and statuses
  • Create and maintain complex dues packages and terms, and easily test new offers
  • Support multiple associations and multiple membership types per individual, and automatically calculate the corresponding dues
  • Track chapter memberships and easily integrate them into your national programs


Learn how to make the most out of the data living in your AMS with this tip sheet that includes four steps to discover Super Members.