What matters most to your members? What makes them feel involved? How can you better communicate?

If you’re overwhelmed by member engagement, you’re not alone. Studies, including one published by Abila, show high levels of member engagement result in higher retention rates; improved effectiveness; and the kind of buzz that drives awareness of your association, and thus, increased member acquisition.

Vanity metrics – such as how many members you have, your membership renewal rate, or website page views – are important, but may not tell the whole story, leading to flawed decisions. Standard member scoring tools box membership organizations into what they think is important.

However, Abila netFORUM Enterprise™ takes a different approach with a combination of technology: our A-Score™ tool and netFORUM Enterprise Credentialing Engine, by Agilutions.

Our proprietary A-Score technology is the industry leader, measuring engagement based on your association’s unique needs. A-Score puts the control in your hands, allowing you to determine the interactions most meaningful to your membership organization, weigh their value, and even select how far back you want to analyze activity history.

netFORUM Enterprise Credentialing Engine, powered by Agilutions, allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your credentialing program, and govern the comprehensive lifecycle of your members, from graduation to retirement.

Manage your certification program and member lifecycle with ease through netFORUM Enterprise™ Credentialing Engine, powered by Agilutions.

Find Out What Your Members Really Think About Your Association

We went into the field and asked association professionals and members what benefits they feel are most engaging. The findings are pretty surprising! View our Member Engagement Study today to learn more.

Make Your Members LOVE You

Learn how to grow member loyalty in this on-demand webinar featuring association expert Robbie Kellman Baxter.