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Welcome to Abila Product Research! Our goal is to provide the best user experience possible, and we can’t do that without you. You help us shape the direction of our products by providing feedback through usability studies, quick surveys, interviews, and more. Check out this page often for updates and news on what is going on with your Abila products.

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We will be holding a drawing for an Abila portable charger for all survey participants. This charger allows you to charge your devices while on the go. Just charge it up and keep it in your bag or purse when your device needs a quick battery boost!

Upcoming Studies

If you have questions on any of these studies, feel free to email us at usability@abila.com.

MIP Chart of Accounts Product Discovery | July 2017

In July we are kicking off a new research process called Product Discovery. We will be working with a group of customers to learn more about their needs for a Chart of Accounts, when it needs to be updated, and why. In this program we start by focusing on workflows and internal processes more than the software. Our team then takes a fresh approach to providing tools and solutions that fit within our customers’ day to day lives. We will share all design ideas with this group of customers as we progress to get feedback and make sure we are coming up with ideas that are truly useful and usable. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact us at usability@abila.com.

Usability Highlights

If you have questions on any of these studies, feel free to email us at usability@abila.com.

netFORUM Enterprise Sign In Page | July 2017

Our design team has two new sign in page ideas for iWeb. One is a basic login page with a new look and feel while the other is a page that includes not only a sign in, but other news and resources such as a Twitter feed from Abila, blog posts, and links to helpful information. We got some great feedback from our customers:

  1. Both options were described as “modern” and people liked the look and feel of both.
  2. While the additional information available was thought to be very useful, not everyone was sure it was best suited for a login page.
  3. Having links to the Abila Community and release information would be helpful.

Freestone Directed Learning | June 2017

Directed Learning is a buzz-word in the online learning world and we wanted to learn more about what it meant to our customers to help guide our research into any new functionality that we may need. Here is what we learned:

  1. Providing course recommendations based on a learner’s previous courses and interests was the most requested feature.
  2. Being able to define learner paths at the organization level as well as letting the learner define was another important aspect.
  3. All of the participants felt that the administration of Directed Learning belongs at the association level, not with the individual instructors.

MIP Bank Reconciliation | June 2017

With the recent release of Bank Reconciliation in MIP Advance we wanted to get feedback on the new process and determine if it is still meeting user needs. Here is what we learned:

  1. Paging in the grid is not ideal for Bank Reconciliation
  2. The new look and feel was well-received
  3. It is not intuitive how to review the reconciliation summary

MIP Dashboards | June 2017

As our team builds drill-down functionality into the Dashboards of MIP Advance, we wanted to have customers walk through a few exercises to see how well it works for them and if there are any areas of improvement. We learned:

  1. When drilling down into the support data, participants expected to see a date or time frame for the information presented.
  2. Participants were easily able to identify how to drill into the data to get more information.
  3. When drilling down to the document level, participants felt they may have too much information.

MIP Dashboards | AUDC 2017

We met with current MIP customers to review our early ideas for a Dashboard project in MIP Advance. These participants helped us define desired functionality and gave feedback on some very early designs. We learned:

  1. Being able to drill-down from a high-level chart or value to the supporting transactions is a powerful tool that would be a great benefit.
  2. Customizations are very important. These include the ability to specify dates, segments, and overall layout.
  3. Having the ability to share the dashboard with the executive team, board members, and program directors is a much-needed feature.

MIP Reporting | AUDC 2017

The MIP Advance report builder was tested from end-to-end with existing MIP customers. We wanted to see how these participants would interact with the reporting engine and get their thoughts on the overall functionality. From this group we were able to gather:

  1. Overall participants could easily navigate the new interface with few issues.
  2. The new report queue functionality was well received with participants appreciating the ability to move on to other areas of the application while their report was running. However, the placement of the queue could use improvement.
  3. The “Items by Page” functionality is not well-understood by most participants, but they could figure it out after trying it out.

MIP Security | AUDC 2017

Our design team wanted to get feedback on a new idea for introducing role-based security in MIP Advance. We met with current MIP users that are familiar with security setup to learn:

  1. All proposed designs were considered to be easier than what is available in MIP today.
  2. Participants appreciated the ability to add/remove all security roles for a user.
  3. Having a summary of all roles assigned to a user is a strong feature.

netFORUM Enterprise New Design Feedback | AUDC 2017

With the release of v2017.1, we wanted to validate the various profile pages that have been updated as well as gather feedback on new designs that are still in the works. Here is what we learned:

  1. A more functional Overview page would be valuable to load during changing of modules
  2. Child forms should keep the state they were previously in after saving a new record
  3. The workflow of editing information in the Profile ID Card could be more intuitive

netFORUM Enterprise Group Membership | AUDC 2017

We met with current users of a customized group membership solution to evaluate a proof-of-concept for the group membership process. We also took a look at design ideas for a redesigned Centralized Order Entry. We were able to gather:

  1. Membership eligibility information is valuable to be displayed during the process of adding a new group membership
  2. The workflow of going from adding a group membership to the Centralized Order Entry is ideal
  3. More research is needed on handling individuals paying for their own membership

netFORUM Enterprise Accounting Feedback | AUDC 2017

Accounting is a critical part of the system and we wanted to meet with customers to talk through new design ideas to improve different accounting workflows. We also wanted to hear how the current process is working for customers and where we can improve. We learned:

  1. How the invoice was paid should be included on cancel/return and void pages
  2. Participants had favorable reactions to reduced number of clicks to cancelling or voiding a line item
  3. The process to begin a void was not intuitive in the proposed workflow

netFORUM Pro Online Store | AUDC 2017

We met with current Pro customers to test out revisions that were made to the individual event registration process based on feedback from earlier studies. We also got feedback on early changes to the Online Store. We learned:

  1. Having a better placeholder image for items in the store where an image has not been uploaded was greatly appreciated. However, participants would like to see a unique placeholder image for each product type.
  2. The search and filtering feature in the store needs to be revisited to make it easier to use and provide more robust functionality.
  3. The changes to the session selection step of Event Registration were well received, making it easier to select sessions for yourself and your guests.

netFORUM Pro Group Event Registration | AUDC 2017

Before tackling a redesign of the event group registration in netFORUM Pro, we wanted to get feedback on the existing functionality, then we took a look at some preliminary design ideas. The customers we met with helped us to understand:

  1. The current group event registration does not work well for organizations that have sibling or child organizations because it does not allow for a single group that crosses all related organizations.
  2. When adding a registrant to an event, some organizations would like an option to add that person to the database.
  3. In the new designs, participants agreed that combining individual and group event registrations into a single process makes it easier on the registrant and makes sense.

Freestone Focus Group | AUDC 2017

We met with a group of Freestone users at our annual AUDC conference to discuss reporting in Freestone. Some of the discussion points were:

  1. Finding a report in MyFreestone can be cumbersome, requiring multiple clicks.
  2. Several enhancement requests that including adding additional data points to multiple reports.
  3. Reporting Freestone data from the AMS would be ideal, but there were different levels of reporting needs.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and provide this feedback! We hope you continue to stay involved with usability and help steer the direction of your products.

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To learn more about Abila’s usability program, please email us at usability@abila.com or call (800) 647-3863. We look forward to hearing from you.