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Welcome to Abila Product Research! Our goal is to provide the best user experience possible, and we can’t do that without you. You help us shape the direction of our products by providing feedback through usability studies, quick surveys, interviews, and more. Check out this page often for updates and news on what is going on with your Abila products.

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We will be holding a drawing for an Abila portable charger for all survey participants. This charger allows you to charge your devices while on the go. Just charge it up and keep it in your bag or purse when your device needs a quick battery boost!

Upcoming Studies

If you have questions on any of these studies, feel free to email us at usability@abila.com.

netFORUM Enterprise Group Membership| AUDC 2017

We are looking to add new functionality to accompany netFORUM’s fresh new look for 2017 and beyond.  Take a test drive of a new Group Membership proof-of-concept as well as our latest design concepts for purchasing memberships in Centralized Order Entry.

netFORUM Enterprise Accounting Feedback| AUDC 2017

Walk through new design ideas we are considering to improve the overall accounting flow in netFORUM Enterprise.  We also want to learn more about how the current process is working for you and determine where we can improve.

netFORUM Enterprise New Design Feedback| AUDC 2017

Take a look at the new screen designs our team has been working on for v2017 and beyond. We would like to walk through various profile pages that have already been updated as well as give you a sneak peek into new designs that are still in the works. Your feedback will help make sure we are on the right track with these updates.

MIP Advance Dashboards | AUDC 2017

We are working on new design and functionality ideas for our Dashboards in MIP Advance. We would like you to review these ideas and give us your thoughts on how these changes would work for you.

MIP Advance Reporting| AUDC 2017

Our team has continued to build out the Reporting functionality in MIP Advance and we would love to see what you think about what they have done so far. We are also interested in hearing your ideas and needs for future reporting functionality.

MIP Advance Security | AUDC 2017

As we move into the first phase of security setup in MIP Advance, we are looking at ways to simplify the process, including an option for role-based security. We’d like to show you some design ideas for security setup as well as get a better understanding of the security needs of your particular organization.

netFORUM Pro Online Shopping | AUDC 2017

Our team has continued to build out the new look & feel of the Individual Event Registration functionality in netFORUM Pro and as part of that we are working on updating the Online Store as well. We would love to see what you think about what they have done so far. We are also interested in hearing your ideas and needs for future functionality.

netFORUM Pro Group Event Registration | AUDC 2017

We are looking ahead to updates to the Group Event Registration process and would like to hear what is working for you now and improvements you would like to see. We will also show you a few design ideas we are considering to get your thoughts on the future direction.

Freestone Reporting | AUDC 2017

We will be holding a focus group to discuss the current Report Generator in Freestone. Our team would like to hear how the functionality is working for you and what enhancements you would like to see.

Usability Highlights

If you have questions on any of these studies, feel free to email us at usability@abila.com.

netFORUM Enterprise| January 2017

With our v2017.1 release we are excited to include an updated Forms Designer! Participants were able to give it a test drive and let us know what they thought about the changes. A summary of findings is coming soon…

netFORUM Pro Event Registration Updates | October 2016

Our team has been working on a new design for Event Registrations on eWeb. We are improving the interface in an effort to make the event registration process even easier for your members. We had 10 current Pro customers join us to review the initial changes we have made along with prototype design ideas for future enhancements. Here are a few of the key take-aways from those sessions:

  1. Guest session selection can be more intuitive
  2. The updated design is clean and uncluttered, reducing distraction
  3. Demographics is an important feature for us to focus on

MIP Advance Dashboards | August 2016

We met with MIP users (some familiar with Advance and others not) to get feedback on our existing dashboard features. We also wanted to hear their thoughts on new designs and features we are proposing. Here are a few highlights:

  1. There is a  need to customize the dashboard, whether it’s by dates, different segments, or building your own
  2. The proposed drill down functionality was very popular and helpful for the detailed-oriented roles
  3. The dashboards are a great feature for board members, but we need to make more details available to those presenting to the board

netFORUM Enterprise Updated CRM Profiles | July 2016

We met with current users to determine if the updated profile screens we’re rolling out in netFORUM Enterprise are still meeting user needs. We also wanted to gather feedback on the new look and feel. Here is what we learned:

  1. The profile design overall is clean, more modern, and aesthetically appealing
  2. The workflow for switching modules could be improved to be clearer and more intuitive
  3. There is an expectation for the profile tab that was last opened to remain open when returning to the profile

netFORUM Pro iWeb Navigation | April 2016

We took a look at the overall navigation of iWeb in netFORUM Pro, to understand how current users find information, where they expect features to be, and their general impressions. Here is what we learned:

  1. The landing page in iWeb is overlooked and rarely used.
  2. Dashboards are a desirable feature and participants would like them to be more prominent on overview pages.
  3. Participants felt that we could improve on the number of clicks it takes to get to certain financial information.

netFORUM Enterprise Profile Updates | AUDC March 2016

We have been working on improving the look and feel of the profile pages and we wanted to hear what current users thought of the changes. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Participants would like to see us make the individual ID larger and more readable.
  2. They would like to have the ability to personalize the data in the individual’s profile section including being able to show or hide the google map.
  3. Edit  buttons could be more intuitive.
  4. We should continue development of the ‘mini dashboard’ on the profile that provides calculated, contextual information at the top of the child form areas.

netFORUM Enterprise Forms Designer | AUDC March 2016

The development team has been hard at work creating a new Forms Designer interface. We met with users who are familiar with the existing Forms Designer to hear their thoughts on the changes. Here is what we learned:

  1. Participants felt that we could make it easier and more intuitive to edit the Basic Information area.
  2. In our training courses, we need to include a heavy focus on scaffolding and HTML elements.
  3. Participants do not want the ability to edit real customer data while editing a form.

netFORUM Pro eWeb Shopping | AUDC March 2016

We sat down with Pro customers to review the eWeb shopping experience and how it works for their members. We also took a look at a new membership prototype that is being considered to see how it was received. Some of the findings we came away with include:

  1. The membership prototype was well received, but we need to consider how it will work with the existing shopping cart.
  2. The layout of the checkout page can be improved to reduce members overlooking key data fields.
  3. Participants would appreciate additional configuration and editing options on some of the baseline elements in eWeb.

MIP Advance Reporting | AUDC March 2016

Current MIP users took a look at a new reporting prototype we are considering for MIP Advance. We wanted to hear their thoughts and ideas on this new direction. Here’s what we found:

  1. Drag and drop functionality is important when adding and moving columns in a report.
  2. Participants expected to be able to use a partial-match search to find saved reports.
  3. To create a copy of a report under a new name, many participants expected to find a button that said “Save As” rather than “Copy”.

MIP Advance Accounts Payable | AUDC March 2016

We invited existing MIP users to preview the Accounts Payable functionality we are releasing in the next version of MIP Advance. We wanted to make sure we are heading in the right direction. Some of the top findings we had included:

  1. Participants liked the larger text size of MIP Advance.
  2. The User Defined Fields section on the Accounts Payable Invoice can be easily missed.
  3. Participants do find the Help topics helpful, but there is definitely some room for improvement.

MIP HR Benefit Enrollment | AUDC March 2016

HR users and business partners joined us to see the new Benefit Enrollment functionality coming out in our next release. We walked through the employee enrollment in EWS as well as the HR setup portion. A few interesting things we learned were:

  1. All participants felt it is important to clearly differentiate employer vs. employee contributions for each benefit.
  2. The term “Remove” was not immediately clear when a participant was declining a benefit plan.
  3. Participants believed the enrollment summary and report should include plans that were declined by the employee.

Freestone My Courses | AUDC March 2016

We had a chance to sit down with a group of Freestone users at AUDC 2016 to review a prototype of a new My Courses page. This page is intended to be a one-stop shop for our learners and we wanted to see what our customers thought about it. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. The fact that courses were color coded by course type was well received, but participants would like to customize the colors.
  2. Participants wanted the ability to customize the language on buttons to match the terms and phrases their learners are familiar with.
  3. Having the ability to Submit Credit from the same page as everything else was very popular.

Millennium Drive | AUDC March 2016

We met with several Millennium customers to discuss Millennium Drive. We wanted to hear how it is working for them, areas of improvement, and hear their thoughts on new functionality around staff dashboards. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Participants appreciate the look & feel of Millennium Drive. They describe it as clean, intuitive, and easy to read.
  2. Customizations are key in Millennium Drive. This is major sticking point for many participants.
  3. The ability to monitor an employee’s dashboard was a big hit. But, we need to also consider the ability to track at a team level, and not just at the individual level.

Abila Marketplace Website | January 2016

We talked to customers of various Abila products to hear their thoughts on the Abila Marketplace website. A few highlights from these sessions:

  1. Customers would like to have more search and filter capabilities when trying to locate a partner for a specific need.
  2. Customer reviews of product partners are very helpful and we should include them as much as possible.
  3. Having phone and email contact information for every partner would be helpful.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and provide this feedback! We hope you continue to stay involved with usability and help steer the direction of your products.

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To learn more about Abila’s usability program, please email us at usability@abila.com or call (800) 647-3863. We look forward to hearing from you.