Donor and Alumni Relationship Management with Millennium

Connect more effectively with people and information

Millennium is a comprehensive donor relationship management tool that provides you with a 360-degree view of donation activity, communications received, events attended, and personal relationships. Support your entire development strategy including: events, campaigns, and memberships.

Millennium can help you:

  • Build relationships with your donors – Identify key relationships and giving patterns among donors and create custom strategies through workflow strategies
  • Increase visibility with your stakeholders – Uncover key trends, measure campaign success, and share information quickly to track the progress and effectiveness of fundraising efforts
  • Increase donations – Create targeted campaigns and events for donors who are passionate about a specific aspect of your organization

Millennium Drive: Access all the key information you need

Millennium Drive is a new feature that makes it simple for Major Gift Officers to access, enter, and query relevant donor information anywhere, and at any time, so they can focus on building relationships and cultivating gifts, not on entering data and building reports.

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What's New in Millennium Drive version 2014.1


Millennium Drive is the only place for Major Gift Officers to get the key information needed to drive giving results with a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. Millennium Reports, Visual Analyzer pages and new search functionality make finding information readily available and easy to access.

  • Information in the Drive dashboard is tailored to the user so they only view what is most important to them. Information available on the dashboard includes:
    • A list of key tasks where the user can view daily, weekly and monthly calendars.
    • The ability to enter, update, and follow up tasks directly from the dashboard
    • An active prospect lists that makes finding constituents in Millennium easy, empowering Major Gift Officers to access their prospect lists with the most current information.
    • The "Recently viewed constituents" option to keep key constituents at top of mind and readily available.
    • A tailored list of open proposals provides full visibility into a user's pipeline at any given moment.
  • Major Gift Officers can develop more meaningful and engaging relationships with prospects with access to key information on any constituent using the Constituent Record. This view includes:
    • A Constituent Summary designed to provide users with a full view of relevant data on the constituent.
    • Constituent touch points that allow everyone in an organization to view any communication that a constituent has had with the organization from face-to-face meetings to solicitations.
    • Insight to constituent relationships and circles, making it easy to understand affiliations and connections.
    • A view of Constituent education and employment that makes it easy to understand what institutions and corporations an individual may be affiliated with.
    • A proposals and planned gifts view, to provide a single location to see the status of that donor's major giving interests.

Other great updates available in Millennium Version 2014.1

With each new Millennium release we strive to provide our users with the changes and enhancements that will improve their user experience. The following enhancements came directly from our users and we are excited to help make your dreams come true.

  • Millennium now integrates with those who use Initium Instant Address, a 3rd-party solution which verifies addresses during data entry.
  • Mobile log-on records can now be tracked and monitored just as existing logons are tracked today in the general interface.
  • In Events, there is a combined view of registrants and their guests, providing a better understanding of those relationships. Information available in this view includes: activities, fees, meal choices, to name a few, all in one area.
  • The event registration display has received a facelift for an overall cleaner interface and a better user experience.
  • In an effort to remove Java from Millennium, Java has been removed from Express Reports.
  • A date range has been added to the search report screen.
  • Administrators can now delete multiple reports at one time.
  • The box that displays "name" in Crystal Reports is lengthened.
  • A new warning will display for a constituent with multiple preferred names or no preferred name.
  • A new option to allow organizations the choice display "deceased" information with basic data.
  • Additional custom columns were added to the Memories (20 additional date, 20 currency, 10 numeric, 10 yes/no, 5 text).
  • Several enhancements have been made to the Advanced Data examiner, including:
    • Import available for specific ID numbers (for example: students who are graduating can keep the same ID number as a graduate).
    • Users can delete several maps at a time.
    • The search for events in Advanced Data Examiner now only shows active events
    • An administrator can clear the data from the data examiner by source and Source is maintained when date is refreshed.


 Millennium Drive Installation (PDF)

 Millennium Install Guide (PDF)

 Millennium Quick Start Installation (PDF)


What's New in Abila Millennium v2014?

Abila Millennium Version 2014 is now available!  This release will help enhance access to the Millennium mobile site, make integrations with email marketing vendors easier, and improve integration with Wealth Engine Online Version 8. We also made some small changes to make Millennium easier for you to use.


  • The option to search for people is now available on mobile.
  • You can insert updates to constituents for correspondence.
  • You can add in a constituent address or email address via their mobile device.
  • Soft edit mobile will remain intact on mobile when you enter updates to phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses in mobile.


  • You can import data to the correspondence table and can also export and store information from email vendors including open rates and bounce backs in Millennium.


  • You can upgrade to Wealth Engine Online Version 8 and keep your integration with Millennium intact.


  • If your organization uses SSL, Java is no longer used when users log into Millennium.
  • Java has been removed from: value-based lookup table fields on insert and update forms, user maintenance, group maintenance, save (search) results and load tables, pledge payment schedules, sustainer pledge payment schedules, multiple allocation pledge payments, SPS pledge processing, processing bank draft and credit card donations through Sage Payment Solutions and the Sage Exchange Vault, user options - defined display, my Millennium - home page setup, event activity sort order, event activities assignment (after guest is registered), and event and activity items assignment (after a guest is registered).

Sean Vincent : University of Puget Sound


Carolyn Frary : Cate School


Customer Story: Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University has a large and active alumni association - boasting one of the highest participation rates in higher education. It is primarily these alumni that the university depends on to maintain and grow its generous endowment funds. And it is Abila Millennium and Abila Fundraising Online that Wesleyan depend on to maintain and grow its vital donor relationships.

The university is using an email marketing service to deliver various newsletters and solicitations to its constituents. Data concerning open rates, forwards and click-throughs is transferred back to Abila Millennium, along with the communications associated solicitation code, enables the university to collect metrics about which offers and requests are the most successful, allowing it to adjust future marketing activity accordingly. By strategically mining its Abila Millennium database, Wesleyan is able to target its messaging for optimal results.

"One single Web form has brought in $1.9 million in donations so far. Abila Fundraising Online is making it easier than ever for donors to give."
Deborah Treister, Director of Planning and Administration, Wesleyan University

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