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The evolution of technology, coupled with the massive amount of data to which organizations have access, can make any association staffer's head spin. Download this Data Tip Sheet to make the most out of the data living in your Association Management System.

Continually acquiring new members is the key to ensuring your association's legacy lives on. Many associations miss the mark during the onboarding process, lacking the necessary hooks for creating long-lasting relationships. Make your members love you by incorporating these 10 steps into your association's onboarding program.

Some 38 percent of new members site lack of engagement with an organization as the number one reason for not renewing their membership. Are you onboarding for new member success? Take this quiz to see how your onboarding program ranks!

Discover what drives donor loyalty, what types of content donors really like to consume, what actions by an organization annoy donors, and what role events and volunteering play. The Study is based on responses from 1,136 U.S. donors, and includes special sections on high-wealth and generational trends.

Are your spreadsheets controlling you? Do you feel powerless to truly engage your donors? Are you longing to work autonomously, free from dependence on others to help you wrangle your tools and systems?

Put away your crystal ball, tarot cards, and astrological calendar. Abila has gathered some of the most innovative thought leaders to bring you our list of 2016 predictions for the association world.

To help you chart a course and position your organization for success in the new year, our Abila experts have compiled the 2016 Nonprofit Accounting Predictions. Consider them – along with the recommended actions – your compass, accurately orienting you and providing clear direction in the coming year.

To help you chart your fundraising course in the new year, our Abila experts have compiled the 2016 Fundraising Predictions. Consider them – along with the recommended actions – your compass, accurately orienting you and providing clear direction in the coming year.

While much attention is given to fundraising efforts and donations, there's little discussion around the massive behind-the-scenes effort of accounting for all those billions of dollars in raised funds.

Just because the year’s winding down, doesn’t mean you can, too! In fact, as an association leader, you’re likely ramping up your efforts to evaluate what’s working, adjust what’s not, and get your entire staff united and motivated for a productive, successful new year.

The end-of-year (EOY) fundraising season accounts for more than one-third of overall giving, with some organizations bringing in between 40 and 70 percent of their annual contributions at that time. As a fundraiser, you must be poised and ready if you want your campaign to excel.

In the Donor Dozen Resource Kit, you’ll discover the dozen data points all fundraisers need to know about their donors to raise funds effectively and efficiently.

Nonprofits lose 61 percent of donors each year, and more than $25 billion in donations is at stake. That's significant churn and missed opportunity. But why?

Take interaction to the Next Level. Breathe virtual life into your next in-person event with an engaging social media strategy.

To provide ongoing value to members, associations typically have a wide range of products available to them – from workshops to merchandise.

The time for online fundraising is now! Organizations that are not getting on board with a focused online giving strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity. This white paper addresses some of the myths that might be preventing you from raising more money while using less staff time.

Your End of Year Campaign is critical for reaching your organization's annual fundraising goals but you need a comprehensive plan.

Having a true "Fund" accounting solution can make a world of difference to your organization in ways that you may not have even considered.

This guide is intended to help you prepare an RFP and offers valuable details that will enable you to carefully ensure that all pertinent information is captured for a successful proposal.

Providing your auditors, stakeholders, and key decision-makers with a clear look at how your organization gets and spends its money is key to your future success and peace of mind, and it is achievable now.

If you're wondering if your organization has outgrown its current business accounting system, chances are it has!

Streamline, simplify and automate every stage of your grant management process.