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Streamline, simplify and automate every stage of your grant management process.

If you're wondering if your organization has outgrown its current business accounting system, chances are it has!

Providing your auditors, stakeholders, and key decision-makers with a clear look at how your organization gets and spends its money is key to your future success and peace of mind, and it is achievable now.

This guide is intended to help you prepare an RFP and offers valuable details that will enable you to carefully ensure that all pertinent information is captured for a successful proposal.

Having a true "Fund" accounting solution can make a world of difference to your organization in ways that you may not have even considered.

Your End of Year Campaign is critical for reaching your organization's annual fundraising goals but you need a comprehensive plan.

The time for online fundraising is now! Organizations that are not getting on board with a focused online giving strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity. This white paper addresses some of the myths that might be preventing you from raising more money while using less staff time.