Increase visibility of your organization through social media

These infographics were designed specifically to assist you in your social media efforts, to reach a broader audience and expand your mission and vision into various audiences.


Member Career Journey: Engaging and Targeting Different Generations of Members

The Member Engagement Study surveyed both professional membership organizations and members to better understand how the attitudes, values, and preferences of members align or diverge with those of professional membership organizations.


What Drives Member Engagement?

From member communication preferences, to association staffer assumptions, to generational gaps, we explored it all in our Member Engagement Study. Check out our key findings in this high-level infographic.


Buy, Buy, Baby: eCommerce for Associations in 3 Easy Steps

Looking for new ways to grow revenue for your association? There may be a secret weapon your association hasn’t considered: your online store. Get a snapshot of the eCommerce landscape for associations in this infographic.


Millennial Donors

Millennials engage with nonprofits differently than any other generation. And, with 80 million Millennials in the U.S., it’s a generation nonprofits can’t afford to ignore.


Building High-Wealth Donor Loyalty

High-roller donors, those who make $200k+ annually, can significantly impact a nonprofit’s bottom line, and are also among the donors most likely to volunteer in leadership roles.


What Drives Donor Loyalty?

We decided to dig deep into donor behavior, to go beyond just engagement, and see what drives donor loyalty, what types of content donors really like to consume, what actions by an organization annoy donors, and what role events and volunteering play.


Building a More Collaborative Nonprofit

To deliver on a nonprofit’s mission, all departments need to work together, especially those impacting the bottom line, like the development and fund accounting departments.


How can you prevent nonprofit fraud?

It seems like a far-fetched theory – who would want to steal from nonprofit organizations, which are tasked to help individuals and groups involved in a host of worthy causes?


Tracking The Top Tech Trends For Fundraising

Due to the near-constant emergence of new technologies, nonprofit organizations must adapt and evolve their methods for reaching out to perspective donors.It seems like a far-fetched theory – who would want to steal from nonprofit organizations, which are tasked to help individuals and groups involved in a host of worthy causes?


Two Generations of Donors – How to Engage Both

Nonprofit groups can tap two generous, cause-minded groups – Millennials and Baby Boomers – at the same time by knowing what makes each unique as well as what they have in common.


The History of MIP Fund Accounting

Our fund accounting software name has changed several times over the years (nine to be exact, but who’s counting) and our company has been through a few name changes, too.


Nonprofit Solutions MobileCause Infographic

Nonprofit Solutions teamed up with a leading web service platform for mobile giving, engagement and donor communication.