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A big part of the help BBBS has been able to extend to thousands of children in Central Texas is due to its ability to manage money. The functionality of Abila MIP Fund Accounting not only can help the charity better keep track of funding, but BBBS has been able to save money from various divisions to put toward more campaigns and causes.

"BBBS was able to save $50,000 in 2013 - money that allowed an additional 40 children to be mentored."
Holly Raymond, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Texas

Raising money for good causes is always a challenge. But it's even harder when you rely on a third-party vendor to process donations, adding yet another step in the giving process and providing donors with a possible reason for pause. The Campaign for Equal Justice (CEJ) in Oregon has been so pleased after adding Abila Fundraising Online and Sage Payment Solutions to Abila Fundraising 50 as it completes their fundraising suite.

"We've had a 276 percent increase in online giving, and raised more money online in December than we did all of last year - thanks to Abila Fundraising Online!"
Shari Nilsson, Office Manager, Campaign for Equal Justice

Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg chose Abila to help their organization, and the cyclists they support, exceed their fundraising goals. "We raised $60,000 more this year over what we had hoped," Scott reported. Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg uses Abila Fundraising Online to create customized registration forms that allow Cycle of Hope participants to uniquely sign up.

"We raised $60,000 more this year over what we had hoped."
Heather Scott, Database and Administration Supervisor, Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg

Wesleyan University has a large and active alumni association - boasting one of the highest participation rates in higher education. It is primarily these alumni that the university depends on to maintain and grow its generous endowment funds. And it is Abila Millennium and Abila Fundraising Online that Wesleyan depend on to maintain and grow its vital donor relationships.

"One single Web form has brought in $1.9 million in donations so far. Abila Fundraising Online is making it easier than ever for donors to give."
Deborah Treister, Director of Planning and Administration, Wesleyan University

Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health Centers in Pueblo, Colorado, has been treating people who suffer from behavioral health issues for more than fifty years. To contend with the various financial functions the employees at Spanish Peaks must complete every day, the organization uses Abila MIP Fund Accounting software to keep everything running efficiently.

"With financial reports, it takes me about five minutes in MIP, but it would take me literally months with our old system."
Paige Burkes, Chief Financial Officer, Spanish Peaks