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Community Brands 2017 Digital Member Study examines current member experiences and the technology that supports them, as well as the shifting expectations and engagement preferences of members.

See our dashboards and reporting capabilities and learn how award-winning Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ can help you improve financial management so you can focus on your cause.

Cloud-based, true fund accounting software™ helps the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo increase flexibility and streamline processes.

Consider this third annual edition of Abila’s Year-End Survival Guide as your lifebuoy, designed to provide buoyancy and prevent drowning in the details of closing the year’s books and planning for the fiduciary duties of the year ahead.

Millennials have been called the “me generation” because of their reputation for caring only about themselves. That may or may not be true, but the time is now for you to care about them. Why? Because Millennials today make up not only the largest living generation, but the largest generation within the U.S. labor force, […]

Without the right accounting solution, nonprofit organizations find meeting their compliance and regulatory requirements can be costly, time consuming, and stressful. Download our “ROI Report: Abila MIP Fund Accounting™” to discover the return on investment MIP™ provides to nonprofits.

Adoption of the cloud has transformed the way many nonprofits budget, prioritize, and perform. But are you ready to take the plunge? Download this whitepaper that discusses steps to research, analyze, and prepare to move to the cloud.

View our webinar based off our finance study and discover the impact of expanding into new revenue streams and how best to prepare for more complex reporting.

Managing association membership can be as diverse as the members themselves. But while so much is changing—member expectations, communication methods, revenue streams—one thing has stayed the same: Member retention is key to association survival. The 2017 Member Loyalty Study by Community Brands takes a deep dive into why members stay, why they leave, and the […]

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