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Graduate From Quickbooks to Nonprofit MIP Fund Accounting™ Software

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Why Now is the Time to Make the Move to a Nonprofit True Fund Accounting™ Solution

Do you find yourself limited and unable to keep track of things in your current systems? Are you finding yourself opening many other documents to prepare reports, instead of just your finance software?

You may have started out relying on QuickBooks to help manage your nonprofit’s financials. But as you grow, the functionality you’ve been forced to use with QuickBooks becomes inefficient. Reporting alone has become too complex and time consuming, and now it’s time to consider other options. Let Abila Product Manager, Dan Murphy, help you determine if you’re ready for Abila MIP Fund Accounting™.

Watch this webinar, “Why Now is the Time to Make the Move from Quickbooks to MIP™ True Fund Accounting™ Solution for Your Nonprofit,” and you’ll discover:

  • Ways that Abila MIP™ software advances your security, flexibility, and consistency
  • How you can save time during your financial auditing process with sophisticated reporting tools
  • Modules made to fit your nonprofit organization


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