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University Meets Fundraising Goals and Grows Donor Base

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Abila Millennium™ and Abila Fundraising Online™ Success Story

Wesleyan University has a large and active alumni association – boasting one of the highest participation rates in higher education. It’s primarily these alumni the university depends on to maintain and grow its generous endowment funds. And it’s Abila Millennium™ and Abila Fundraising Online™ (AFO) that Wesleyan depends on to maintain and grow its vital donor relationships.

The university uses Abila Millennium to capture all transactions related to fundraising efforts, and as a donor management system, housing all of the university’s donors and prospective donors. Additionally, the university uses an email marketing service to deliver various newsletters and solicitations to its constituents. Data concerning open rates, forwards, and click-throughs is transferred back to Abila Millennium, along with the communications-associated solicitation code, enabling the university to:

  • Collect metrics about which offers and requests are the most successful
  • Adjust future marketing activity accordingly

By strategically mining its Abila Millennium database, Wesleyan is able to target its messaging for optimal results.

Wesleyan is currently in the middle of a major fundraising effort, seeking $400 million to fund new scholarships and financial aid. With Abila Fundraising Online forms placed in convenient and strategic locations, donation activity is up, and the university is very close to meeting its fundraising goal.

“One single web form has brought in $1.9 million in donations so far. Abila Fundraising Online is making it easier than ever for donors to give.”

– Deborah Treister, Director of Planning and Administration

Download the full success story for more details regarding how Abila Millennium and Fundraising Online enable Wesleyan University to share key information and meet donors where they browse.