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Nonprofit Board Members Become Online Fundraisers

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Additional Funds are Flowing in to Help Achieve Council's Mission

Nonprofit organization, Arts Council of Oklahoma City, needed to raise more money and sought the help of its board members. However, the nonprofit board members felt they didn’t have the time nor the expertise to become serious fundraisers. Arts Council fundraisers knew online and peer-to-peer fundraising could be keys to reaching new donors and raising more funds, but didn’t have the tools, experience, and know-how to get started with an online campaign. The right nonprofit technology and support made all the difference.

Since the Arts Council was successfully using Abila Fundraising 50™ as its donor management system, it naturally turned to Abila technology and know-how to begin its online fundraising initiative. Abila technical support provided guidance to the Arts Council staff and brought the team up-to-speed quickly on raising funds online for the organization. By empowering its board members with the peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities of Abila Fundraising Online™ (AFO) the future now looks bright for the Arts Council.

The simplicity of Abila Fundraising Online software, and its compatibility with the council’s existing database (Abila Fundraising 50) made it possible – and fun – for each board member to quickly set up his or her own fundraising page in support of the Arts Council. By leveraging the considerable influence of their prestigious volunteer leaders, and giving them the fundraising software tools and passion for directly raising money, additional funds are flowing in to help the council achieve its mission.

“Our board members feel empowered to act as fundraisers for the organization now. It (Abila Fundraising Online) gave us credibility with the board, so they are more likely to participate in fundraising events in the future.”

– Lindsey Pever, The Arts Council’s Director of Development

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