What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ Version 2017.2.1

Finance and accounting professionals need a high-performing solution that helps save valuable time and improve decision making. In this release, we’ve made key performance improvements and reporting enhancements across MIP™. In addition, we’ve expanded our MIP™ application programming interface (API) to support product integrations.

MIP Fund Accounting™

  • Performance Improvements
    • New default dates for payroll and aged payables reports improve load time
  • Reporting Enhancements
    • New filters for posted general ledger (GL) transaction reports
  • Expanded API for Cash Receipts Integrations
    • Our REST-based API (application programming interface)can be used for a variety of integration needs
    • Available Product Partner solutions can be found in the Abila Marketplace
  • MIP™ 2017.2.1 also contains more than 20 quality resolutions

MIP™ Idea Portal

You can find the MIP™ Idea Portal on the MIP™ Menu at mipideas.abila.com. This portal contains 20-plus unique categories across MIP™ for quickly submitting your ideas. You can also vote for other ideas submitted by your peers and check statuses of all ideas.

Download the What’s New in MIP™ 2017.2.1 PDF

What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ Version 2017.2

We understand nonprofit finance and accounting professionals need a high performing system that helps save valuable time. So, in this latest Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ release, we’ve made key performance and reporting improvements across the product. In addition, we’ve launched a new MIP™ Idea Portal for you to conveniently submit new feature and enhancement requests directly to our Abila MIP™ teams.

MIP Fund Accounting™

  • Performance Improvements
    • Load time for the void check form has been decreased by initially applying a date filter
    • Transfer of all payroll data to Accounting is streamlined
    • MIP™ database upgrades are faster
  • Email Reporting Options
    • When sending reports via SMTP you can provide name information for the sender
  • MIP™ 2017.2 also contains over 19 quality resolutions

Human Resource (HR) Enhancements

  • HR Reporting Enhancements
    • Employee ID changes are now available in reporting
    • Reporting formatting is standardized across HR reports
  • MIP™ 2017.2 also contains more than a dozen quality resolutions specific to HR

New MIP™ Idea Portal

You can find the new MIP™ Idea Portal from the MIP™ menu or at https://mipideas.abila.com. This portal contains 20-plus unique categories across MIP™ for you to quickly submit your ideas. You can also vote for ideas submitted by your peers and check statuses of all ideas.

Download the What’s New in MIP™ 2017.2 PDF


Nonprofit finance and accounting professionals need more visibility into both their finances and personnel. In this release, we’ve expanded reporting capabilities across Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ to improve your ability to track and report on what’s important to your team and stakeholders.

We’ve also enhanced key Accounts Payable workflows, added new administration options supporting your audit trail, and expanded the human resource management features integrated within MIP.


  • Designed to save valuable time by providing scalable invoice payments and check printing.
  • Easily create batches of invoices to pay and auto-reversals of invoices with voided checks, as well as check address validation on email addresses.


  • Improved ability to filter, provide additional fields, and generate key Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger reports.
  • This includes debit and credit columns for transaction reports and new print code options for working trial balance reports.


  • Increased visibility into users, security reports, and the organization’s overall audit trail.
  • The summary organization audit log will show Accounts Payable status changes and Payroll updates. The User Information report can show security group and user IDs for improved tracking.
  • Attachments will default to the recommended encrypted option for users. (Note: SMTP-based email settings are now required in MIP and replace older MAPI email settings.)


  • Payroll – Enhancements include a new form for reprinting paystubs as vouchers. Plus, employee status is now an available filter and field for timesheet reports.
  • Human Resources – This module offers a new OSHA claims form with available query and related reports.
  • Employee Web Services (EWS) – Gender dropdown is now editable.
  • Benefit Enrollment – Usability enhancements and additional query options for enrollment processing are included.


  • Improve the ability to compare your current financial position to budget.
  • New dynamic column display option for actual vs. budgeted comparisons is now available.


  • Our REST-based API (application programming interface)can be used for a variety of integration needs.
  • Available Product Partner solutions can be found in the Abila Marketplace.

Download the What’s New in MIP 2017.1 PDF


As a financial professional, you need flexible, integrated solutions to help drive your organization’s mission forward. With this release, we’ve expanded Abila MIP Fund Accounting™’s rich REST-based API (Application Programming Interface) to support Accounts Payable integrations.

We’ve also added a new way for you to manage your workforce with an integrated companion to our Human Resources and Employee Web Services (EWS) modules providing employee benefit enrollment online.


  • New Benefit Enrollment module for your employees – An integrated companion to our Human Resources and Employee Web Services (EWS) modules, this module equips you to offer open enrollment via a Web-based portal for your employees. Manage the initial setup and enrollment processing using highly configurable options that utilize your existing MIP HR benefit plans and employee/dependent data. Your employees are guided through enrollment with instructions you customize to help them review current benefits and elect new choices from offered benefit plan group(s).
  • Further API expansion that enables Accounts Payable invoices to be created, edited, and posted from other systems. Our REST-based API can be utilized for a variety of integration needs. Available Abila Product Partner solutions can be found in the Abila Marketplace.

Download the What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting™2016.2 PDF


With Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting around the corner, and the ever-present pressures of data integrity and organizational efficiency, managing your financials is a constant challenge. With this MIP release, we focus on key changes to the system to ensure ACA compliance, along with expanded API capabilities for seamless system integrations.


  • Protect your organization’s funds with expanded alerting. Continuing to expand on the alerting functionality available to all customers, version 2016.1 includes a new alert for check writing. Should a check be written without an associated Vendor ID, selected members of your distribution list (both within MIP and outside the system) will receive a notification, and can take the appropriate action.
  • Synchronize ledger entries and budget transactions with external systems. Continuing to expand the REST-based API introduced in MIP version 2015.2, Abila announces an expanded REST-based API to cut down on time-intensive exporting, data transformation, and importing activities at your organization. With budget transactions now included in the REST-based API, you can configure the API to automatically import and export budget AND general ledger transactions to other systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Stay in compliance with ACA reporting. Key changes to data transferred between MIP and reporting partners ensure your organization easily complies with crucial reporting requirements.
  • Save time and keystrokes with auto- MIP Advance™ now features auto-incrementing of journal entries and other transaction types, decreasing the time spent entering transactions.
  • Simple budget transaction entry within the MIP Advance™ user interface to help you create and maintain your organization’s budget in your office and on the road.

Download the What’s New in MIP Advance 2016.1 PDF


As a financial professional, you’re pressed to maintain accurate data and produce reports on demand. With this release, we’ve delivered a more streamlined user experience and improved usability and efficiency across the product, incorporating feedback from our customers in many of these enhancements. We’ve also opened MIP both on-premises and in our private cloud to securely expand integration capabilities and cut down time spent entering data from other systems at your org.


  • Consolidation of Payroll, Administration, Accounting and Requisitions modules into one, easily accessible MIP icon helps you save time when entering transactions or searching for data.
  • The ability to customize and save your organization’s HR reports for future reference helps you easily produce frequently used reports.


  • A new Application Programming Interface (API) provides you with the ability to send and retrieve information from other systems without the need for manual entry or even importing or exporting data manually, reducing the potential for error and eliminating time-intensive data processes.


  • Advanced Reporting now features a report wizard for easy, step-by-step production of detailed reports and improved placement of key icons for increased usability.

What’s New in Abila MIP™ Version 2015.1?

You’re pressed for time, with limited resources and staff to serve your mission. With this release, we’ve improved MIP’s ability to inform you of changes to your organization’s financials, as well as advise you on how and where to take action.


  • Address complex, advanced reporting needs much more quickly and simply with the Advanced Reporting module, with DrillPoint.
  • Easily track spending against planned budget with a budget tolerance alert. Set a percentage to budget threshold for your organization and receive notifications when spending hits or exceeds this mark.
  • Spend less time troubleshooting and correcting import files. With this release, the rows of your import file that are generating errors are clearly identified in an exception file, so you can easily fix them and reimport.


  • In accordance with industry standards, Payroll users will now see a pre-note lead time of 3 banking days.


  • Masking of both employee and vendor Social Security Numbers

What’s New in Abila MIP™ Version 2014.6?

Our most recent release, 2014.6, provides users with tools to prevent fraud within their organizations. Fraudulent activity can occur in an organization every day, with the people you trust most. The new features this release delivers will help you put the day-to-day processes in place to help you detect and deter fraud and take action before it is too late:


  • Alerts are created to keep users informed about important activities going on within the application. This includes potential day-to-day fraudulent activities that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Auditors can more easily navigate your organization’s records and access key information on MIP users and their job function. This can help pinpoint suspicious activity or rights abuse within the organization.
  • Ensure terminated employees are no longer allowed to access MIP. Lock out former employers to prevent them from being able to commit fraudulent or damaging activity.
  • Organizations are at risk for fraudulent activity when single users consistently work with a vendor for an extended period of time. Easy visibility to specific user and vendor relationships can be very helpful for internal investigation and audit purposes.
  • MIP Fund Accounting Version™ 2014.6 allows you to prevent users who should not have access, from being able to view actual account numbers.
  • Your organization can decide to have users be forced to change their passwords at specific times or time intervals.
  • With custom payroll vouchers now available in email format, a full digital trail allows you to track where payroll information is sent.

What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ Version 2014.5?

This tax release contains state withholding tax formulas for the state of Wisconsin. This information is based on changes to tax withholding formulas taking effect on April 1, 2014.

Reminder: to complete the tax update process you may need to manually update your state unemployment tax and/or other tax code rates, wage limits and/or amounts.

Enhancements have been made to our Human Resources and Employee Web Services modules as follows:

Human Resources

  • There are new queries for the Timesheet Submit Log and Leave Requests.
  • The new Timesheet Form VI is an additional option for the default timesheet in Employee Web Settings.

Employee Web Services

  • A new timesheet form (VI) has been added that allows employees to enter time in a grid format. The grid shows all days in a pay period, and all valid cost center and wage code combinations.
  • A new form has been added in the Personal menu that allows employees to add their own dependent information.
  • Staff Timesheet Pivot Table now has a filter called ‘Role’ that allows you to filter the table to show only the employees for which you are the manager, supervisor, or secondary supervisor.
  • The timesheet Entry Log now includes changes to cost centers and earnings codes.

What’s New In Abila MIP™ Version 2014.3?

Abila MIP™ version 2014.3 tax release contains state withholding tables that will be effective for the 2014 calendar payroll year. Changes in state withholding tax formulas apply to:

  • Illinois
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • North Dakota
  • Puerto Rico
  • Vermont

What’s New in Abila MIP™ Version 2014.1?

Abila MIP™ version 2014.1 tax release contains federal withholding tables that will be effective for the 2014 calendar payroll year. The release also contains the latest Federal published tax information, as of 12/11/13.

  • The Social Security wage base increased to $117,000 and the Employee Social Security withholding rate remained 6.2%.
  • The withholding allowance and the percentage method income tax withholding tables were updated.
  • The nonresident alien salary gross up increased.

Additionally, changes in state withholding tax formulas apply to:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Rhode Island

Human Resources Module

  • HR Processes now allows you to add a process on multiple dates.  For example, an annual performance review can be added one time but the process can reoccur each year.

The new fields related to emailing payroll vouchers are added to Details> W2/Voucher tab.

Abila MIP™ Version 2014 provides Major updates to the Abila MIP™ Mobile App.  Other enhancements have been made to Accounts Receivable Billing, Accounts Payable, and include the ability to email Payroll Vouchers.

Download What’s New in MIP version 2014


  • Interactive Reports provide users with the ability to review their Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenditures with drill down functionality.
  • Interactive Reports allow users to view custom report formats created in the desktop version of MIP for the Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenditures.
  • Interactive Reports can be viewed on the mobile device or exported to Excel or PDF for sharing with others.
  • MIP Reports allow users to review their General Ledger Analysis reports directly on their mobile device or in Excel.
  • Users with the available security rights are able to clear User Seats directly from their mobile device.
  • Hosted MIP users can view logs of recent backups of their MIP database hosted by Abila.
  • On-premises users have the ability to initiate a backup their MIP database directly from their mobile device.


  • New reports are available for Accounts Receivable Billing updates include: calculated invoices, calculated finance charges and calculated invoices and finance charges.
  • The pre-payment process has been enhanced to a better user experience.
  • The addition of a prepayment Transaction Source Code has been created for use with distribution codes.
  • Prepayments can no longer be made In Accounts Receivable Credits; users must go through Accounts Receivable Receipts.


  • Users are able to reverse the voids of individual items in a voided batch.
  • Users are able to edit an unposted batch and access the session if a check is voided by mistake.


What’s New in Abila Human Resources Version 2014?

Please note: You must be on the Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ v2014.0 or higher before upgrading HR and EWS to v2014.0.0


  • The Check For Updates menu item in Help is no longer available.  Future updates to the HR product will be made available via Abila Auto Update.
  • Timesheet Approver is now an option in the Employee info query.
  • Users will now see a Required checkbox if an HR Process is set as required in the HR Processes setup.
  • A Process Log is now created when Regular/Supplemental Timesheets are loaded in HR. This will allow users to see who and when timesheets were loaded.
  • Audit records are created when HR processes are assigned to employees.
  • When job codes are assigned to employees the exempt and OT eligible defaults flow through to the employee record.
  • Mass updates can now be made to EWS Employee Web Settings.  Mass update options include: Default Cost Center, Default Earnings Code, Default OT Earnings Code, Cost Center for OT, Default DT Earnings Code, Default Leave Cost Center, Default Earnings Code for Leave, Timesheet Approver.
  • Double Time is now included as a part of the Earn|Def map in the timesheet import process.
  • Employee Certifications that are expired are now grey so you can tell which ones are expired which ones are active.
  • The Report Writer now has a default data set for HR processes.
  • The Web Timesheet by Cost Center Report now has a grand total on the report.

What’s New in Abila Employee Web Services Version 2014?


  • The Timesheet I now has the option to have OT and no Unpaid Breaks
  • When an HR process is assigned to a user, the user will receive a message in the message center alerting them of the task to complete.
  • A message will be sent to the employees’ message center one week prior to the start date of a leave request.  This will keep employees from forgetting to enter their leave time for an approved leave request.
  • Travel Date has been changed to Expense Date to better describe all expense entries in the expense entry form.