Software solutions designed around your organization, your budget, and your mission

You are passionate about your cause and we are passionate about providing you the software and services to propel your mission forward. For more than 30 years, we have helped nonprofit organizations and government agencies rise above challenges and strengthen their missions.
Abila offers a broad range of fund accounting and fundraising solutions, so no matter how big or small your organization and no matter what type of organization you manage, you’ll find an appropriate solution to accomplish your goals with greater confidence.

Higher Education

We are dedicated to helping higher education institutions provide a thriving environment of academic excellence for existing students, recent graduates, and proud alumni.

Faith-Based Organizations

Serving members of their faith and healing the emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds of those in need, faith-based organizations have many challenges in accomplishing their missions.


Promoting healthy living, educating, and servicing the health of your community are key functions of health organizations and hospitals that trust Abila for our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, fund accounting and fundraising software solutions.

Environmental Organizations

Environmental and conservation focused organizations have many challenges in protecting the earth’s natural ecosystems as they aim to accomplish their mission.

National Organizations

National organizations must commonly straddle the differing accounting and fundraising needs of both central headquarters and smaller, but numerous local affiliates.

Animal Welfare

Giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, every animal welfare organization has many challenges in accomplishing its mission.

Arts, Culture, and Humanities

Arts, culture, and humanities organizations have many challenges while trying to accomplish their missions. Managing a fundraising campaign or keeping track of funds shouldn’t be one of those challenges.

Human and Social Services

Reaching out and tending to those in need is core to the foundation of support offered of human and social services organizations.

Independent, Private, and Charter Schools

Abila provides affordable fund accounting and fundraising software solutions that help independent, charter, and private schools accomplish their missions of educating and expanding the minds of our children.