State, local, and tribal governments face many challenges including managing multiple programs, meeting complex reporting requirements, and efficiently governing the will of the people.  It is our goal to help you reduce workloads, increase efficiency, and provide accurate and timely reports so you can maximize your effectiveness and make informed decisions for the people you serve.

Fund Accounting:

  • Efficiently and accurately produce reports for both internal and external key stakeholders that meet GASB 34 requirements
  • Demonstrate accountability with unlimited budget versions and flexibility to accurately track and report on multiple funds, across multiple cost centers through varying budget periods
  • Maintain a clear audit trail no matter how simple or complex fund allocation, grant administration or data segmentation is for your organization
  • Configure and customize your system exactly how your organization needs to track and report on data
  • Automate tasks by using features such as special function keys, distribution codes, and automatic offset entries to maximize efficiency and accuracy

Government agencies who are able to confidently manage complex management process while using our fund accounting solutions:

  • Bear River Association of Governments
  • Calhoun County, Texas
  • City of Lovington
  • Commissioners of Leonardtown
  • New York City Educational Construction Fund
  • Taos Pueblo Central Management Systems
  • Town of Chestertown

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