About Abila

About Abila

Abila serves strategic leaders and managers in dynamic not-for-profit organizations, associations and government agencies with comprehensive membership management SaaS and software solutions. Organizations trust Abila to simplify and streamline accounting, donor and grant management and large scale fundraising processes so they can perform their best work and focus on delivering their unique mission. For Abila, it’s personal and backed by a team with more than 50 years of experience dedicated to helping organizations achieve their vision.

Anything is Possible

Our platforms are not designed for anyone, they are designed for you.

Our experience with nonprofits and associations has given us unparalleled insight into what keeps you up at night and what slows you down during the day. Our software is shaped to your reality and constantly tuned to move you forward. We stay aware of what’s next so you can focus on what’s now.

  • Customer focused – We engage industry leadership and invest the time and energy required to having a higher level of empathy for what it takes to succeed as a nonprofit or association.
  • Experience – Boasting an experienced staff, we keep the ball moving on a day-to-day basis, so you can focus on the big picture.
  • Convenience – Whether it means providing you with a powerful, web-based product that keeps you running light or it means working through the night to seamlessly manage upgrades so you don’t have to, we put you first. Every time.

Forward Together

If you are buried in process, you are missing your point.

We know how important your time is, and that is why we are dedicated to creating smart solutions that limit distractions. Our straightforward solutions support short-term, as well as long-term objectives – propelling you, not preventing you, from dedicating yourself to what really matters.

  • Detail oriented – We focus on the details and put all of our effort into creating software that is so effective and sophisticated, it sets the stage for greater possibility.
  • Innovation – We are constantly making ourselves better so we can better serve you. The thought leadership coming out of various user group gatherings, focus groups and our R&D team, ensures that our product is always on top and you are always a step ahead.
  • Technology – We keep our technology sharp and keep you on point. Our solutions are always advanced, but never excessive. Our goal is simple: keep you efficient and looking ahead, rather than overwhelming you with what you do not need.

Mission Delivered

We do not build software, we build possibility.

We do not think in terms of technology; rather, we think in terms of what technology can achieve. Our teams are made up of brilliant and strong individuals who are motivated to achieve the impossible and are personally invested in the outcomes. We create technology because it is a powerful way to reach what is truly fulfilling.

  • Dedicated – Our eyes are always focused on the end result. By aligning with your needs, we are able to develop solutions that make real sense and allow you to increase your impact.
  • Service – Online, on the phone, or in-person, we are here to serve you and your mission. It is why we have built a national network of specialists specifically to meet your needs. Our technology drives relationships, but our service drives our mission.
  • Quality – Quality means so much more than serving you with innovative technology. Quality means working with you until you have the answers you need and to deliver solutions that empower you to make a difference.

Our mission statement

Provide leading solutions and services to our customers, while advancing their missions.