Abila has formed strategic partnerships and netFORUM Enterprise product integrations with industry leading payment processors: Sage Payment Solutions and Vantiv.

With these partnerships, we provide a superior payment processing experience for every aspect of payments within your organization. The partners with which we have aligned ourselves provide an outstanding customer experience with the support and services they provide to their customers.

Why Preferred Payment Processors

There are three primary reasons to use an Abila preferred vendor:

  1. More data is sent directly between netFORUM Enterprise and our preferred vendors, meaning less risk is put in your organization to house data.
  2. Credit Card Vaulting means that credit card numbers are stored with the provider instead of locally. This significantly reduces risk within your organization.
  3. Account updaters with all Abila preferred vendors means recurring payments do not stop when a member or customers credit card expires. Established relationships with card providers means they receive updated account information on a regular basis.

Make the Switch Today

Ready to improve online security, enhance your members’ experience, and gain access to better information? Great; we’re ready to help! It’s as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Contact your account manager. They will assist you with any necessary product upgrades and connect with the processors. If you don’t have your account manager’s contact information handy, just call our sales team at 800.811.0961 and they’ll get you started.
  2. Select the processor that’s right for you. Consider the features of each vendor and select the one that best fits your association’s goals and member needs.
  3. Activate your new merchant account. Your new processor and netFORUM account manager will help you activate your new merchant account and ensure you are running smoothly.

If you are not a netFORUM Enterprise customer but are interested in our payment solutions, please contact our sales team at 800.811.0961.

Featured Resource

Perks of the Preferred Payment Processors
Recorded Webinar
Discover how Abila’s new preferred payment processors can help you improve your member experience and make better business decisions. In this 45 minute webinar, netFORUM Enterprise Product Manager Darryl Hopkins will highlight the perks of working with Vantiv or Sage Payment Solutions.

You will learn about

  • advanced security functionality
  • in-depth reporting functionality
  • improved integration with netFORUM Enterprise
  • next steps for making the switch

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